Milo's Glow

Marina Alcoser

Anyone who has ever felt like their talents were not appreciated will relate to Milo in this beautifully illustrated children's story. When Milo tries to help his community prepare for a looming storm, the other animals in the forest discount his special talent. Feeling rejected and insignificant, he flies away beveling the other animals may be right.After realizing he doesn't ant to leave his home, even if he isn't appreciated, Milo returns to find the storm has put his entire community in danger. With all of the "skilled" animals trapped, can Milo put his rejected feelings aside and find a way to save the other animals? Don't miss out on this touching tale of adventure of self-discovery. Vibrant illustrations and a heartfelt message show readers that all talents serve a purpose and that all creatures, great and small, have value to contribute. 

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