Candoo Discount for SCBWI Members

SCBWI has teamed up with Candoo Tech to offer members the opportunity for “tech support and training to help older adults feel more comfortable with phones, computers, tablets, and more.” We realize that some of our more mature members may need some help in navigating the changing world of technology that we all have to keep up with. With the help of Candoo Tech, we hope this new member benefit will help. Even if you’re not a mature member you can still participate in this member benefit. It’s made with those members in mind, but if you believe you can find value in Candoo Tech, you are welcome!

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United States-based SCBWI Premium members who sign up for an annual Candoo Tech membership will get a 10% discount on the purchase price by using the promotion code SCBWI10 at check out, and personal online support sessions with a trained tech concierge. Please note that Candoo Tech membership is open to US residents only. 

To learn more about the discounted membership, click here:


For all SCBWI Premium members (US or globally based), you have access to the library of tech information content and live online group lessons that will be scheduled monthly. Recordings will also be made available. To learn more about the group lessons, the library of content, and the group lessons recordings, click here:

Our first two group online lessons will be about online safety. Unless otherwise indicated, all lessons will be on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

Wednesday, June 28: “Spotting a Scam”

Wednesday, July 26: “Scam Protection – Best Practices”


We want to hear from you about what other topics you’d like to cover in the group lessons. Send your suggestions to by Friday, June 30. We aim to make the Candoo Tech sessions as useful as you need them to be by selecting topics you’re most interested in.