Live Pitches - Process

Am I Eligible to Add an Optional Written Critique or Live Pitch to My Registration? How Do I Do That?

We have a limited supply of Written Critiques and Live Pitch slots available so plan to register early.

•  Eligibility to purchase: SCBWI premium members who are registered for our Saturday 9/21/24 in-person Writers & Illustrators Day conference have the option of adding ONE Written Critique (no live meeting) and/or ONE live Pitch occurring at our online Sunday 9/22/24 Zoom Pitchfest. * Note: Your paid SCBWI membership must be current and active at time of registration. If you are not sure of your status, contact SCBWI Headquarters for assistance. * Anyone who purchases one who is not eligible to do so will be canceled and a refund minus a $25 processing fee will be issued. 

How Do I Add a Live Pitch ($50) to my registration?

Read requirements below FIRST then scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of Industry Experts offering Live Pitch time slots at our Sunday 9/22/24 Zoom Pitchfest.

1.    Live Pitch slots for Sunday’s 9/22/24 Zoom online Pitchfest are available on a first-come first-serve basis __only_ during the initial registration process. * When you register for the 9/21/24 in-person Writers & Illustrators Day conference, you will be asked if you want to add a Live Pitch per the list of available slots listed next to each Industry Expert's name. Once an Industry Expert's supply has been exhausted, you will see the FULL icon by his or her name. 

2.    If you are pitching an Illustrator Portfolio, a Picture Book Dummy, or a Graphic Novel Dummy, you must send your art link by email no later than Sunday September 1st 11:59pmPST to Asst. Regional Advisor Paulina Hill ( so that your Industry expert has the option to prereview it before the Pitchfest.

3.    Watch for your assigned 10-minute pitch slot time and Zoom link/password which will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before Sunday's Pitchfest.

4.    Use the guidelines below to prepare for your 10-minute Live Pitch:

Preparing for your Pitch:

• Test your equipment ahead of time (audio/video and network connections). We will not be available to help you with technical issues. (See more information under Important Information below.)

• Decide ahead of time whether you want to pitch your story, read your first page or read your synopsis.

• Practice your pitch presentation beforehand and time yourself. (We recommend using about 3 minutes on your presentation and then letting the Industry Expert use the rest of the time to ask you questions and give you feedback for an interactive exchange.)

• Practice in front of friends or family members or check with your local Mingle Host here to see if they have an upcoming mingle with pitch preparation as a topic before the Pitchfest takes place.

During Your Pitch:

• Each attendee is responsible for being at his/her pitch session on time. There will be no makeup time or refunds. If you are late, that will cut into your 10 minutes.

• At the start of your time, you will be electronically moved to a private “zoom room” with your designated Industry Expert.

• Industry Experts have your name and contact email on their lists, so don’t waste your time giving them your contact information; just introduce yourself and dive into your pitch.

• At approximately the 9-minute mark, you should see you a 1-minute warning displayed on your computer screen. Start wrapping up your conversation.

• At the 10-minute mark, you will automatically be moved out of that Zoom room into another room facilitated by a CenCal volunteer. (Don't worry if you were cut off mid-sentence; Industry Experts are used to that and will not fault you for it as they prepare to receive their next pitch.)

Other Guidelines:

• Think of your pitch as a chance to gain experience.

• If you feel you have messed up, don’t worry. You may still have a chance to submit your work using their submission guidelines.

• If you are not happy with your feedback, it is important to remain courteous and professional.  If you feel your pitch was not understood this could be a time to reflect and tighten your storyline or your pitch for the next opportunity.

• If you are fortunate to secure a contract through this process, please let us know so we can share your success!

Additional Important information:

• As a courtesy to our Industry Experts, there will be no makeup session or refund if you miss your time slot. Likewise, if you are late, that will cut into your 10 minutes. 

Other questions? Email Asst. Regional Advisor  Paulina Hill (


Industry Experts offering Live Pitches ($50) * 10-minute live pitch slots occurring at our Sunday 9/22/24 Zoom Pitchfest:

  1. Jennie Kendrick/Agent, Red Fox Literary >> accepting pitches for PB, MG, YA, either fiction or non-fiction, as well as Illustrator Portfolios 
  2. Ariel Richardson/Sr. Editor, Chronicle >> accepting PB (either fiction or non-fiction), MG (non-fiction only), Author-Illustrators (with PB Dummy), or Illustrator Portfolios 
  3. Joann Hill/Creative Director, Disney Hyperion >> accepting pitches for Illustrator Portfolios geared to PBs, MG novel covers, B&W interior art, and Graphic Novels. * Will also look at Illustrator's PB dummy but is not an acquiring editor for the story so will only look at the art/style not content. 
  4. Lynnette Novak/Agent, The Seymour Agency >> accepting PB, MG, YA (all fiction only); will look at Illustrator Portfolios; or will review an Author-Illustrator's PB Dummy (for 1 story) 
  5. Jaime Gelman/Assoc Editor, Little Bee Books >>accepting PB or MG -- (fiction only)

To review their Bios and website links, click here.


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