Optional Practicing Professional Feedback

Additional Written Feedback | $55

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Picture Book Page Turn Critiques

Jennifer will provide written page-turn critiques for picture books using the SCBWI Gold Form as a guide. See GUIDELINES for formatting.


Representing Trauma Authentically Manuscript Critiques

Dr. Vecchiolla will provide written manuscript critiques of trauma scenes from novels using the SCBWI Gold Form as a guide. Manuscript excerpts will be no more than (10) pages in length. One lucky mss will be chosen at random and its author will receive a 10-minute 1:1 online critique session via Zoom with Laura to discuss written feedback. See GUIDELINES for formatting.

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Dummy | Portfolio Critiques

Jessica will provide additional dummy critiques or portfolio reviews for attendees. See GUIDELINES for formatting.

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Picture Book Manuscript Critiques

Alice will provide additional written manuscripts for picture book manuscripts (fiction/nonfiction) See GUIDELINES for formatting.

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Picture Book Manuscript Critiques

Rob will provide additional picture book manuscript critiques (fiction/non-fiction). See GUIDELINES for formatting.

Optional Additional Written Feedback with Practicing Professionals

Optional, additional written feedback is available with the industry insiders and practicing professionals on this page: $55 each

  • Add feedback at any time through the end of the intensive programming.
  • Make sure you attend and or review the recording of the intensive program of the practicing information to get all details for submission.
  • Feedback will be due one week AFTER our retreat on Sunday, July 20.
  • Written feedback vis SCBWI Gold Form will be emailed to attendees by 31 August.

QUESTIONS? Email Deborah Topolski, Co-RA