Feeling tempted?

Imagine sporting a sleek, silky, and super cool SCBWI lanyard that stands out at every event. One side shows our Houston pride designed by Meghan Senkel with artwork by Marissa Valdez, and the other is straight up SCBWI. While everyone will receive a standard string lanyard (which we collect back for future use), you have the chance to upgrade! Our exclusive SCBWI lanyard isn't just for this retreat; it’s a stylish accessory you can proudly wear at conferences and events for years to come. We’ve already used ours at two conferences and can't wait to show it off again. Grab yours now and elevate your SCBWI experience!


Can you spot the difference?

Remember the photos from last year? Here’s a group shot to show you the difference between the standard lanyard everyone receives at our larger events, and our stunning premium lanyard (you can also see everyone here is beautiful and happy no matter which lanyard they are wearing). For just $15, you can own a premium lanyard that's built to last and makes a statement at every event. Plus, your purchase helps support our chapter, allowing us to offer scholarships and more opportunities. Upgrade your lanyard and make a difference today!