L.A.S.T. Shop Talk

Feb 25, 2024

Online event

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Save the Date

And Let's Create!

“They say that exercise is good for your heart. If you have a passion for writing or a heart for art (perhaps both) . . . we propose that you join us for a time of stretching those creative muscles, of putting pens to paper, and doing what you LOVE.

Whatever your little heart desires, you will have a dedicated time to capture that thought, and then you can share/not share as your heart of heart leads. This Valentine’s month we would love to make a date—February 25, from 1-3 pm— to enjoy a time of creativity and encouragement. 

What to bring along:

A small bit of paper, creativity too;

Some pens, paints, and pencils; some scissors and glue.


A mind filled with wonder and words filled with heart;

Some humor thrown in with your writing and art. 


A character sketch or perhaps a great scene;

A poem to submit to a kids’ magazine.


This time may produce the next Pulitzer Prize,

Or spark a new thought that illumines your eyes.


So please save-the-date, and our skills we will groom.

We’ll see you at LAST for our meeting on Zoom.


Here's the link:  https://scbwi.zoom.us/j/98331633597

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." – Albert Einstein