L.A.S.T. Shop Talk

Apr 28, 2024

Online event

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In the Soil of your Soul, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Please join us at LAST on Sunday, April 28, from 1-3 pm for our April Zoom discussion on GROWTH as an artist/creator.

We would love to hear where you find those little seeds of inspiration that challenge you to stretch and grow as a writer and/or illustrator.

·      Great reads to pass along

·      Tips from fellow authors/illustrators you might share

·      Accountability partners

·      Daily disciplines you follow

·      Podcasts that inspire

·      Plan making and taking the next steps

·      Insights from classes or conferences that hit home or pushed you through the next door

We hope you can share in the discussion as we cultivate our craft—as we shine a bit of light into this world and inspire the next generation to soak up the energy and bloom wherever they are planted.

“The secret to growth is helping others grow.”—Julian Hall

Kathleen E. Clark and Heather Clark

Lansing Area Shop Talk (LAST) Co-Coordinators