Los Angeles Region Writers Day 2024: Agent Pitch Guidelines

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Agent Pitch Guidelines

The chance to pitch your work to an agent is a golden opportunity. Here are some guidelines to help you get the best from this experience.

1.     Each attendee is responsible for being at his/her pitch session on time. There will be no make up times. If you are late, that will cut into your 10 minutes. Find out where your pitch session is to take place beforehand.  You will receive your pitch time and location upon arriving at Writers Day.

2.     Pitch sessions run concurrently with the afternoon breakout sessions. Be prepared to exit and return to your breakout session as unobtrusively as possible. 

3.     You will have exactly 10 minutes to pitch AND receive feedback. There will be a signal at the end of your 10 minutes. Please be courteous to the agent and the next attendee by vacating your seat promptly.

4.     Agents have your name and contact email on their lists. All you need to do is to introduce yourself. Don’t waste your pitch time by trying to give them business cards etc., unless they ask for one.

5.     Practice your pitch beforehand. Decide ahead of time how to divide your 10 minutes between pitch and feedback.

6.     Decide ahead of time whether you want to pitch your story, read your first page or synopsis. 

7.     Think of this as a chance to gain experience. If you feel you have messed up, it’s OK! You will still have a chance to submit your work to our faculty using their submission guidelines.

8.     If you are not happy with your feedback, it is important to remain courteous and professional.  If your pitch is not understood this could be a time to reflect and clarify your storyline for the next opportunity.

9.     If you are fortunate to secure a contract through this process, please let us know. We would love to congratulate you and share your success!