Montreal Get-Together (March 2024)/Réunion de Montréal (mars 2024)

Mar 02, 2024

Toi Moi et Café Bistro Laurier, 244 Avenue Laurier West Montreal, QC H2T 2N8

Gather with fellow members of SCBWI in Montreal.

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Montreal Get-Together (March 2024)/Réunion de Montréal (mars 2024)

Spring is already fast-approaching, and we're happy to announce our March in-person Get-Together! Join us for a cozy gathering of writers and illustrators in the Mile-End neighborhood of Montreal. We invite you to bring along your favorite resources, guides, and tools that have fueled your creativity and provided guidance throughout your writing and illustrating journeys! There will be a relaxed Resource Swap to exchange insights and recommendations, with the goal of enriching each other's creative arsenals. While it is still fresh, we’ll also delve into discussions about the recent SCBWI Winter Conference. We’d love to hear from those who were able to attend! Are there any stories, insights, and highlights from the conference that you’d like to share? Come join in on the collective learning experience, we hope to see you there!

Additional event notes

Note that this event is free, but each person is responsible for their own food and drink.

Please register by February 29. We ask that our members be considerate when our events are booked at a restaurant and treat their registration as a commitment. If you find you are unable to attend after registering (life can be unpredictable), please notify the event coordinator so that we can free up your spot for another attendee.

Questions about this event? Contact Christina Rycz, your Montreal-area get-together coordinator.

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SCBWI Canada East

This event is hosted by SCBWI Canada East. Please contact the get-together coordinator listed above or a member of the Regional Team if you have questions.