On-the-spot Critiques

What is an on-the-spot Critique?

Please note that you can ONLY sign up for one critique. EITHER a One-on-on OR an On-the-spot critique.

An on-the-spot critique is a 15 minute critique with the editor or agent of your choice on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in an on-the-spot critique, you MUST sign up for one when you register. They sell out fast!

Some additional on-the-spot facts:

  • An on-the-spot critique is an additional $60 registration fee.
  • You may use the 15 minutes to share ms pages, a query letter, or illustrations--about 5 minutes for the faculty member to read/view your work and 10 minutes for feedback.
  • A good estimate is 5-10 pages. Portfolios can include up to 12 images.

How is this different than a one-on-one critique?

While both types of critiques require registration, for a one-on-one critique you will submit your work ahead of time, and you will receive written feedback after the event. For the on-the-spot critique, you will bring your project to your critique session and talk about it with the editor or agent of your choice on a first come, first served basis, with no written feedback following the event.


On-the-spot Faculty

Faculty who will be doing on-the-spot critiques are agents Susan Hawk and Rachel Orr, and editor Elizabeth Law.