One-on-one Critiques

What is a One-on-one Critique?

Please note that you can ONLY sign up for one critique. EITHER a One-on-on OR an On-the-spot critique.

A one-on-one critique is a 15 minute critique with the editor or agent of your choice on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in a one-on-one critique, you MUST sign up for one when you register. They sell out fast!

How do I upload my materials for critique?

Once you register for the event and pay for your critique, go to your member homepage. Under events, you should see your critique. When you click on this, you should have a link to a google form where you can upload your work.

Some additional one-on-one facts:

  • A one-on-one is an additional $120 registration fee.
  • You send your project by the deadline BEFORE the event.
  • Critiques consist of 15-pages plus a 1-page synopsis for novels (middle grade/young adult) or the entire manuscript/PDF dummy for picture books (typically no more than 500 words).
  • For graphic novels, include 15 pages of panels (or the text for 15 pages of panels) and a 1-page synopsis.
  • For portfolios, include a single, multi-paged pdf with 10-15 of your illustrations and your name clearly on each page of the pdf. For your critique the day of the event, you may want to bring a printed version of your portfolio. See the Portfolio Showcase guidelines for more details about what a portfolio should look like.
  • In conjunction with your one-on-one, you’ll also receive written feedback (post event).
  • An exclusive submission window for faculty (post event).
  • By signing up for an event, you are personally responsible for all technical aspects involved such as uploading your manuscript or portfolio in the correct format by the deadline and bringing any materials you need to the critique, such as a copy of your manuscript, dummy, or portfolio.

How is this different than an on-the-spot critique?

While both types of critiques require registration, for an on-the-spot critique you will not submit your work ahead of time, nor will you receive written feedback after the event. Instead, you will bring your project to your critique session and talk about it with the editor or agent of your choice on a first come, first served basis.


One-on-one Faculty

Faculty doing one-on-one critiques are: Art Director Sasha Illingworth; Agents Heather Cashman, Sean McCarthy, and Charlie Olsen; and Editors Erika DiPasquale, Katie Heit, Liz Kossnar, Sydnee Monday, and Tova Seltzer.