PAL Get-Together (April 2024)

Apr 15, 2024

Online event

An opportunity to talk shop, for PAL members only.

PAL Get-Together (April 2024)

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PAL Get-Together (April 2024)

You did it, you're published, but now what? Let's talk about the challenges and solutions that seasoned book creators face. This session is designed for PAL members interested in discussing life after publication.

What is a PAL Member?

PAL stands for "Published and Listed," indicating that a member's work has been published by a traditional publisher of books or magazines. A black flag in the upper lefthand corner of the profile image in your Member Home indicates your membership level: Associate (pre-published), Full (self-published), or PAL.

How do I upgrade my membership level to PAL?

Upgrading your membership category is as simple as adding your book(s) to your profile. When you add a traditionally published book to your profile, your membership level will automatically change to PAL. To add your book(s), go to your Member Home. Click on the Share Your Work button, followed by the Add a Book button. Fill in the information for your traditionally published work.

Once you become a PAL member, you will always be a PAL member, whether or not you publish any other works with PAL publishers.

Additional event notes

Questions about this event? Contact Marsha Skrypuch, our chapter's PAL Coordinator.

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SCBWI Canada East

This event is hosted by SCBWI Canada East. Please contact the get-together coordinator listed above or a member of the Regional Team if you have questions.