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2023 Guidelines

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Extras Guidelines

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Manuscript Formatting Guidelines for Contest and both 1:1 and Written Critiques:

One MS per critique please

—Digital formatting requirements for your single Word document or PDF file are as follows:

—If your file DOES NOT INCLUDE images, please format it as a Word document.

—If your file INCLUDES IMAGES, please format it as a PDF file no larger than 20MG; image format must conform to 8.5 x11 inches.

——8.5 by 11 inches, 1-inch margins,

——12-point standard font, double spaced.

——Your name, e-mail, ms title, format (picture book, middle grade, YA, graphic novel, etc.) AND genre (romance, mystery, biography, etc.) must be at the top of the first page.

—No title page is necessary; text may start immediately after the identifying information.

—No introduction letters.


All submissions are to be uploaded into the corresponding Dropbox link by Sunday, October 8th at 11:59PM—no exceptions. 

PLEASE SEND YOUR DIGITAL SUBMISSION IN EARLY if you are unfamiliar with Dropbox. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload your files.


Formats for Critique: Your digital submission should include…

For Picture Books:

ONE picture book manuscript only, please. Your file may include up to (10) pages maximum from ONE manuscript OR ONE PDF dummy. See Dummy Guidelines below.

For Novels: 

FIRST (10) pages of the ms (even if this cuts off mid chapter); your optional synopsis may be single-spaced but must be contained within your 10 pages total.

If your FIRST (10) pages of the ms includes your illustrations (suitable for novels), they may also be included within your (10) pages. Please keep your image file to 20Mb or less.

For Poetry:

Includes rhyming picture books, novels in verse, and stand-alone poetry collections.

Poetry submissions should conform to the picture book and novel guidelines above and are allowed up to (10) pages; however, poems may be single spaced with a double space between stanzas, per industry standards. Stand-alone

collections (i.e., a group of poems intended to be published as one book) must have a page break at the end of each poem.

For Graphic Novels:

Your submission should include a one-page synopsis (which may be single-spaced) plus up to (10) pages of finished art, standard script pages or a consecutive combination thereof.

Name your FILE using the following format: II_2023_MS_Critique_FirstName_LastName

For Dummys: 40 pages maximum. All pages must be contained in a PDF not to exceed 12 inches in height (or width) or 20MB in file size.

Name your FILE using the following format: LAST_First_Dummy



Editor Kelly Delaney at Penguin Crown Books


Editor Hannah Hill at Delacorte


Agent D. Ann Williams at Emerald City Literary

Agent Saritaza Hernadez at Andrea Brown Literary Agency


Off-Site Faculty

Editor Nicole Ellul at Simon & Schuster


Publisher Maria Dismondy at Cardinal Rule Press


Editor Adam Blackman at Cardinal Rule Press


Art Director Karina Granda at Hachette Book Group

Manuscript Contest


Illustrator Contest

Note: If requesting an online portfolio review. Submit a Worddoc or PDF with needed link(s)

QUESTIONS about submittals?: Email Cedric Gliane

Round Table Guidelines

Guidelines for Round Table First Pages:

—2 pages total, 500 word maximum, 12-point font (standard font, such as Times New Roman, Arial) 1-inch margins, double spaced (for poetry, see below)

Bring 7 copies or pages to share with your table. There are no copiers avail for attendee use at the conference center.

Guidelines for Round Table First Look (illustration and/or dummy): 

—1 full spread and/or dummy

—1 copy of illustration or dummy to share with your acceptable.

—If sharing dummy text, please follow above Guidelines for Round Table First Pages.


Guidelines for In-Person Portfolio Critiques and/or Portfolio Showcase

Your portfolio must follow the guidelines below to be included in the Mix n’ Mingle Showcase. You may also display one book dummy at the Showcase. The dummy must not exceed the maximum portfolio size below.

Portfolio size: (measure while open)

Maximum width: 32"

Maximum height: 15"

10 -15 images suggested. Copies or prints only; no original art

Name and contact information must be in or on portfolio

You may display business or promotional cards with your portfolio. Up to 5" x 7" (horizontal or vertical format). No plastic holders.

Up to 15 Illustrator Postcards may be mailed to

Jennifer Wagh

19 Plum Ct

Sleepy Hollow IL 60118

To be distributed to PWID Faculty

Must be postmarked by 10/29

Contest Guidelines



Your digital submission should include:

Please see Critique Guidelines for picture book, novels, poetry and graphic novels above.

All submissions are to be uploaded into the corresponding Dropbox link by Sunday, October 8th at 11:59PM—no exceptions. 

PLEASE SEND YOUR DIGITAL SUBMISSION IN EARLY if you are unfamiliar with Dropbox

Name your DOC using the following format: II_2023_MS_Contest_FirstName_LastName

Manuscript Contest

Questions: Cedric Gliane



Member illustrators who are registered for the conference and signed up for the art contest, are eligible to enter one piece of art based on the prompt and instructions below.

Upload your entry to the Art Contest dropbox no later than Sunday, October 8th at 11:59PM—no exceptions. 

Illustrator Contest

 Questions: Denise Holmes

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