Additional Written Critiques | $55

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Practicing Professionals Critique | $55

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Want more faculty feedback? Add a written critique at any time through the end of the series!

Attend the live session or review the recording to get all the details from our faculty. Details on uploading your work-in-progress will be sent to you via email by July 1. Dummys |Portfolios | Website Links | Manuscripts will be due no later than Saturday, July 20. SCBWI Gold Forms will be emailed to attendees by 31 August. QUESTIONS?:

Series Critique Selections

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Picture Book Page Turn Critiques

Jennifer will provide written page-turn critiques for picture books.

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Representing Trauma Authentically in Manuscripts

Dr. Vecchiolla will provide written manuscript critiques of trauma scenes from novels. Manuscript excerpts will be no more than (10) pages in length. One lucky attendee mss will be chosen at random and its author will receive a 10-minute 1:1 online critique session via Zoom with Laura to discuss written feedback.

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Dummy | Portfolio Critiques

Jessica Saint Jean (AGENT | Jill Grinberg Literary Management) will provide written dummy critiques or portfolio reviews.

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Picture Book Manuscript Critiques

Rob will provide picture book manuscript critiques (Manuscripts up to 10 pages | fiction/non-fiction).

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Illustrator Website | Portfolio | Dummy Critiques

Denise will provide a written critique on your illustrator website, dummy or portfolio.

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Picture Book Manuscript Critiques

Alice will provide picture book manuscript critiques (Manuscripts up to 5 pages | fiction/non-fiction).