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Portfolio Showcase

Open Only to Premium Members - $100

On Friday, February 9, we’re hosting a private exhibition of portfolios for hundreds of specially invited publishers, art directors, editors, and agents from children’s publishing houses and agencies. A jury of industry professionals will award the following honors:

●     One agented Grand Prize Award winner

●     Two agented Honor awardees

●     One unagented Grand Prize Award winner

●     Two unagented Honor awardees

The two Grand Prize winners will receive two phone/virtual meetings each from art directors or agents and free admission to the next New York Conference (room and airfare not included).

Honor Award winners will receive a phone call or video meeting with an art director or agent for guidance and feedback.

How to Enter

Participation in the showcase is an additional $100. You must be registered for the conference to participate.

Showcase Guidelines

Please read through these requirements carefully.

  • Upon conference registration online, each portfolio showcase participant must read the online release form and check the box indicating approval prior to leaving the portfolio for review. 
  • Portfolios must be the participant’s own artwork.

Drop off and Pick Up

  • All portfolios must be dropped off on Friday, February 9th between 12pm and 1pm at the Grand Ballroom Foyer of the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel. 
  • You must pick up your portfolio in the Grand Ballroom Foyer between 7:45pm and 9pm on Friday, February 9th. (During or immediately after the Portfolio Browse). SCBWI is not responsible for any portfolios or promotional materials left behind. 

What to exhibit:

Portfolio, promotional postcards, dummy (optional)


  • Only one (1) portfolio permitted
  • Standard format only
  • Measurements when opened: Maximum width: 34 inches max. Maximum height: 17 inches max.
  • Closed portfolio: 3 inches tall max.
  • 10–15 images suggested
  • Copies or prints only; no original art
  • Your name and contact information must be in or on your portfolio

PLEASE NOTE: Portfolios that do not follow these requirements will be disqualified from prize consideration.

Business or Promotional Cards:

  • Size: up to 5” x 7” vertical or horizontal
  • 100 cards suggested
  • Only one stack of cards will be placed beside the portfolio
  • No cardholders permitted
  • Bring cards in a disposable plastic bag or bound by a rubber band.

Dummy Book:

  • One or two are permitted
  • Optional, not a requirement
  • Dummy may not, in any way, be a partially or fully published book.
  • Dummy must be attached to your portfolio (string, yarn, and ribbon work well).
  • The dummy may or may not include your own writing. Please do give author credit where credit is due.
  • The dummy is simply an opportunity to display your ability to create a children’s book.
  • This can be an addition to your portfolio, not a replacement for your portfolio.

Please note what IS NOT PERMITTED:

The following will disqualify your portfolio from the prize consideration:

●     Oversized portfolios (whether oversized in length, width, or height).

●     Non-secured portfolios (images not securely attached to the portfolio).

●     Original art

●     Framed art

●     Published books

●     3-D art

●     Easels, stands, or props of any kind

●     Portfolios in unusual novelty formats, such as boxes.

Follow the rules and let your artwork shine!


Please email TeMika Grooms at

Portfolio Browse

During the afternoon and early evening of February 9th, industry professionals will be invited to view the portfolios (after the judging has concluded). From 7:45pm–9pm conference attendees can view the art. You are welcome to attend from 7:45pm-9pm and meet your fellow conference goers. 

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