SCBWI-MI Fall Webinar Series: Crafting Your Career

Sep 06, 2023 - Oct 18, 2023

Online event

Join SCBWI-MI for this six-part, craft and business-focused webinar series. 

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Registration: August 9th-September 5th

Fee- $16 per webinar for members, $46 per webinar for non-members


September 6th @7:00-8:00pm (Est): Tools For Finding Your Agent with Natalie Aguirre from Literary Rambles and Anita Fitch Pazner, author and SCBWI-MI co-RA

Presentation description: Finding just the right agent can be serious business when crafting your career. Natalie Aguirre, host of the Literary Rambles website is here to help you navigate her website full of agent information, free query critiques and numerous agent profiles and contests. She’ll teach you how to get the most out of Literary Rambles. Co-regional advisor and former Critique Carousel coordinator, Anita Fitch Pazner, will explain how to use Query Tracker and Manuscript Wishlist to help you decide which Critique Carousel agent to choose for a critique. They will have a list of questions to ask an agent when they offer you representation. Don’t forget—agents work for you. Natalie has interviewed numerous debut authors and plans to share all she’s learned on how they got their agents. There will also be a list of What Not To Do when talking to an agent. 

September 13th @7:00-8:00pm (Est.): Six Tools To Polish Picture Books And Getting Your Words Out with Suma Subramaniam, picture book author

Presentation description: This workshop offers writers a hands-on approach to two aspects: Revision Strategies and Manuscript Submission. We’ll discuss key revision strategies for picture books that will help ignite your imagination, mine your text, and get you ready to present your work professionally. We’ll examine published examples and analyze how different authors effectively use craft techniques to make the reader “turn the page” in their books. We’ll also discuss submission formats, best practices, publication processes for picture books, and more!

September 20th @7:00-8:00pm (Est.): lllustrating Children’s Books: What are art directors looking for? How to get noticed. And what happens once you get the job? with Diane Earley, Creative Director at Charlesbridge

Presentation description: This workshop will give artists tips and strategies which will help. From researching publishers to email blasts to websites/Instagram, you’ll hear ways to showcase your work in a professional and appealing way. We’ll also discuss ways to strengthen your portfolio through the choice of the pieces you present, character design, composition, and visual storytelling. And then we’ll talk about what happens after you get the job—contracts, negotiation, schedules, sketches, feedback, and final art. The goal of this workshop is to give illustrators greater insight into how an artist is chosen for a book and the collaborative process which follows!

October 4th @ 7:00-8:00pm (Est.): Extreme Research- If You Dare! with Sera Rivers, Literary Agent at Speilburg Literary Agency

Presentation description: What’s it like to crawl on your belly in complete darkness through a narrow passageway 150 feet below ground? What does the mouth of an active volcano look and smell like? The Internet makes it possible to research just about anything—but can also lead you down the rabbit hole of distraction. If you really want to know what your characters experience, you must live in their worlds. See what your characters see with your own eyes, feel what they feel, trace their steps as they journey to new lands. Find out how extreme research can strengthen your world building, plotting, and character development. This workshop is for all writers of all genres and experience levels.

October 11th @7:00-8:00pm (Est.): Emerging Authors - First Steps on the Journey to Self-Publishing with Naomi Dunsen-White, author and coach

Presentation description: An introductory welcome into the wonderful community of self-published authors. This webinar provides a guide for new authors, leading them from uncertain baby steps into confident strides as they begin their author journey. Based on a coaching program for those fulfilling their dreams of becoming published authors, the information provided has helped new authors build a book business, become Amazon bestsellers, launch speaking careers, or simply enjoy the personal satisfaction of leaving a legacy for their families. There is a LOT to this author business! Emerging authors need help with many steps along the way - ISBN, copyright, editing, launching, marketing, live events, social media presence, sales, etc. Here is their helping hand. This webinar is taught by an award-winning, self-published author, editor, and author coach. The aim is to help new authors avoid the missteps, stumbles, and roadblocks that many experience on the author's journey. The goal is to launch not just a book, but an eager, confident, and knowledgeable author into the world of publishing.

October 18th @7:00-8:00pm (Est.): Crafting Your Picture Book Career Plan with Cynthia Cliff, author/illustrator

Presentation description: Cynthia will share how she shepherded her newfound art hobby into a professional picture book career through the development of a business and “illustration school” plan which enabled her to find her own style and voice, and a pathway to art directors and publishers.

Check out Cynthia's interview on SCBWI-MI's blog, The Mitten

Presentation recordings will be sent to registrants for each individual webinar.

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