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SCBWI-MI Summer Camp

Jul 10, 2024 - Jul 24, 2024

Online event

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This summer, we are offering three individual online, 2-hour intensives that will give you a master's level experience in writing and illustrating. Bring your work in progress, and whatever homework you are given from the presenters, and get ready to dive deep into your picture book, novel, and/or portfolio. These advanced workshops will help you move your work in progress forward towards submission ready and will help guide you when working on your next story or illustration.

*** These sessions are geared towards experienced writers and illustrators who are currently working on a book or who have an established portfolio. Creators who are newer to the craft of writing or illustrating are welcome, but will need to bring a manuscript or at least two pieces of art.

When does summer camp begin?

  • Picture book Summer Camp with Donna Janell Bowman- July 10th

Description: What do medical doctors, mechanics, chefs, engineers and writers have in common? 

Their jobs are based on understanding how the component parts of their Works-In-Progress (WIP) fit together holistically. 

In this presentation, participants will have the opportunity to take their current picture book projects on a holistic journey by analyzing mentor texts. By studying how craft elements work together to achieve a desired whole, writers can approach their own writing with more intention. 

Donna will share her step-by-step system for dissecting mentor texts to learn how and why they work (or not). During the workshop, she will perform book dissections (ouch!) on expository, biography, concept, and humorous picture books as examples. A list of these books will be provided to participants before the event with the expectation that attendees find mentor texts similar to their WIP.

Participants are encouraged to have a typed work-in-progress handy during the session. Additionally, at least two weeks before the workshop, each participant will be asked to type a published picture book they admire in manuscript format. Informative handouts will be provided to assist in this process.

  • Illustrator Summer Camp with Kaz Windness- July 17th

  • Novel Summer Camp with Tim Wynne-Jones- July 24th

Description: The term “book doctor” typically refers to a cross between a developmental editor and a ghost writer. That’s not what we have in mind for this virtual intensive, but we do like the idea of a work-in-process as an otherwise healthy body of work. It might show symptoms, here and there, that something is awry -- a problem that with just the right “medicine” can be cured, restoring the manuscript to fine fettle.

The important thing for any writer is learning to recognize “where it hurts.” And that’s where we’ll start. Two weeks before the workshop, each attendee will send in a one-page description of a particular problem they are experiencing with their manuscript. This can be any aspect of novel drafting that could benefit from a little “medicine.” Undoubtedly, others will have suffered similar WIP ailments. The hope is through Tim's diagnostic approach, we can share insights that will send everyone back from the ER, replete with treatments and cures--their hands itching to hit the keyboard again.

*** The novel intensive is limited to 20 people, first come, first served.

Price per intensive- $35 for members; $50 for non-members

These intensives will be recorded and therefore non-refundable.

Recordings will be available for 2 weeks after the intensive.

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Tim Wynne-Jones

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Donna Janell Bowman

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Kaz Windness