Spring Peer Critiques

Apr 28, 2024

Online event

Participants submit work to be critiqued by peers. A great way to meet other creators and find critique partners in our region!

April 28th, 1-4pm



Premium member only, please.

In our critique events, participants each submit either the first ten pages of a novel, or a complete picture book manuscript. Writers and writer/illustrators are grouped by the genre of the work submitted. The groups are typically made up of four or five members and are each led by a participant with critique experience. We exchange the work in advance of the event (April 22) and, using provided critiquing guidelines and forms, each participant critiques the work of the other members of the group. At the event, we critique the works in person over zoom, orally, and provide each member with our written critiques. There is typically time for questions and discussion.

Another benefit of critique events is that we begin by exploring how to form critique groups as well as providing answers to frequently asked questions of beginning writers. Our critique events are safe spaces where we can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of our work, and, possibly, form critique groups that will last well beyond that day.

We hope you can join us!