E&I Scholarship

The North Central California region of SCBWI Equity and Inclusion Team (Mosaic of Creatives) is honored to receive funds for a scholarship for 3 premium members who are a marginalized creator who writes for children to attend a live regional event. The (approximate) value of this scholarship is $65. The winners of the scholarship may attend Spring Spirit live (or another live regional event). The Equity and Inclusion Team will serve as the stewards of the scholarship team that receives and reviews all the applications. After their screening and review, Margarita Engle will choose 3 winners among the finalists.

The criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

1. Identify as a marginalized author or author/illustrator that lives in the North Central California region. The creator may come from an ethnic minority group, have a disability, identify as a member of a sexual orientation minority group, identify as a member of a religious minority group, or a member of another marginalized group recognized by SCBWI. The creator may have more than one marginalized identity.

2. The creator must write works for children. They may write poem collections; poetic or prose PB’s; or CB, GN, MG, or YA novels. 3. They must submit a sample manuscript of 1 to 3 pages in length. 5. They must write and submit a 2 or 3-paragraph statement of why attending the regional event is important to them and how attendance will further their knowledge and career prospects.

To apply create a single document with required information in this order –

1. Name and marginal identity or identities

2. 2 to 3 paragraph statement of why live event attendance is important

3. 1 to 3 page sample manuscript

Then email this single document to canorthcentral@scbwi.org with the subject "Diversity Scholarship Application."

Applications are due by March 22nd.