The Importance of Dummy Books for Picture Book Authors

Dec 09, 2023

Online event

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Participants come away with the theoretical importance of dummying up picture book texts, combined with experience of creating their own.


The Importance of Dummy Books for Picture Book Authors with Mel Rosenberg, Ph.D.

A hands-on workshop in which Mel explains the importance of dummy books for authors (length, pace, getting going, anticipation, text per spread, etc.). The participants will create their own dummy ebooks in real time while Mel demonstrates how easily it can be done. Mel will also also teach a way to make a page flipping physical mini-book in three minutes with three pieces of paper and scissors. There will be a short Q&A at the end.

To make the most of this workshop, participants should have: 

  • A device with Internet connection (iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop), in addition to whatever device they are using to watch the Zoom,
  • a few pieces of regular-size paper, a ruler and scissors, and 
  • a manuscript they would like to dummy up.

About Mel Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Following his career in academia as a microbiologist (specializing in bad breath) and inventor, Mel now writes full-time for children. He is the host and founder of the Children’s Literature Podcast Channel of the New Books Network and co-founder of Ourboox and Dummyboox. Over thirteen million people have viewed his three TED-Ed animated lessons. His debut picture book, Emily Saw a Door, was published several months ago. Mel grew up in Ottawa and lives near Tel Aviv. Find out more at