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Website and Social Media Consultations

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$125 For Premium Members Only

Upgrade your marketing and promotion with advice from experts.

Social Media Consults with Avery Silverberg

Having trouble managing your social media presence? Unsure why your posts aren’t performing well? Maybe you don’t have any social platforms and are unsure where to start! During your social media consultation, Avery Silverberg will discuss everything from engagement strategies, post ideas, personal branding, and cohesive profile feeds. She’ll walk through your knowledge of social media, and discuss how to implement the best strategies so you can connect with more readers online!

Conference attendees who are Premium Members may register for a one-on-one twenty-minute social media consultation to receive direction, advice, and strategies for getting the most out of social media. All consults will take place over ZOOM. Once you have registered, Avery will contact you to schedule your meeting. PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds given for Social Media Consultations.

Website Consults with Sarah McDavis

Your website is your home base online, and it's crucial that it represents you (and your books if you’re published) in the best possible light. What will an agent, editor, or reader see when they visit yours? In this twenty-minute consultation, Sarah will provide you with a first look, personalized evaluation of your website. From design to content, she’ll provide you with actionable advice on how to polish your website so that it not only looks great but also engages your target audience of agents, editors, teachers, librarians, parents and readers of all ages. Come with your questions!

Each session will take place on Zoom. Once you have registered, Sarah will be in touch to schedule your online meeting. PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds given for Website Consultations.


Register Now for the 2024 Virtual Summer Conference!

Invest in you. Choose from 50 jam-packed sessions on the craft and business of children’s book creation. All attendees have access to the content of all sessions for up to one month after the conference concludes. If you’re a children’s book writer, illustrator, or translator, you don’t want to miss one minute.