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What Higher Education Can Do For You

Jun 13, 2024

Online event

A free webinar for Premium Members. Attend live or view the video replay for SIX MONTHS after the event. Thursday, June 13 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm PACIFC TIME.

Can Higher Education Further Your Career as a Children's Book Creator?

When considering options to grow your craft, don't rule out the value of a graduate degree. By pursuing programming in higher education, you immerse yourself in a passion and gain:

  • Direct feedback from mentors with practical experience in the industry,
  • One-on-one relationships with like-minded creators,
  • Connections with peers and professionals, 
  • And a degree that can qualify you for professional applications. 

Credentials like an M.A., M.F.A., or Certificate can help you build a career in teaching creative writing, illustration, publishing, librarianship, and academia; or provide credentials for careers as agents, editors, designers, booksellers, critics, and other related avocations. 

In this free webinar, a panel of educators will discuss the requirements of advanced degrees, explain what you can get out of pursuing a path in higher education, and give writers and illustrators a taste of what they might experience in a graduate program. 


The Panelists...

Mary Jane Begin
Elizabeth Dulemba
Author, Educator, Illustrator
Lisa Fraustino