Paid Manuscript Critiques

Manuscript Critiques* (.doc/.docx)

Submit manuscripts according to the guidelines below to by Monday, March 4, 2024.

Please submit one manuscript of one of the following types:

·      Picture Book manuscript

·      One-page synopsis of a fiction or non-fiction project plus the first 10 pages of the corresponding manuscript

·      One-page synopsis of a graphic novel project plus the first 10 pages of the corresponding manuscript

Optional: If you are an author-illustrator, you may include a link to your book dummy, website, or sample art. However, faculty reviewers are not obligated to view or comment on the art if the event is not specifically for illustrators/illustrations.


*Manuscripts submitted may not be swapped for another, and manuscripts received after the deadline cannot be considered. For all paid critiques, fees are not refundable.


Submission/formatting requirements:

Submit one (1) file only.

Manuscript length. You may submit a maximum of 10 pages or 2500 words**.




File format. Files must be in .doc or .docx (Word) format.

Font and margins. Manuscripts must use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial fonts with one-inch margins. Single-space the synopsis and double-space your manuscript.***

Title page. Include your contact information, genre/category, and word count on your title page (which does not count toward your 10-page limit).

Header. Format your document to include a header that includes your full name****, book title, and the page number.


**These limits apply to all manuscripts. In order to adhere to these maximums, you may have to make certain creative or formatting decisions, e.g. truncate chapters, include only excerpts of back matter, etc. Submissions that exceed the 10 page/2500 word limit will not be considered.

***If you have a visual disability and need help achieving proper formatting, please email for assistance.

****The name on your manuscript must match the name you used to register for the event. If you write under a pseudonym, you may indicate this on your title page, e.g. Jane Smith (writing as Jane Doe).

Manuscript Critique Faculty

PB (Picture Book), MG (Middle Grade), YA (Young Adult), NF (Non-Fiction)

Tameka Fryer Brown (PB)

Erin Clyburn (MG, YA)

Frances Gilbert (PB)

Deborah Halverson (PB, NF, MG, YA)

Carol Hinz

Jazmia Young (PB, MG, YA)