Paid Portfolio Reviews

Digital/Web Portfolio Reviews (.pdf, website)

Register for a 20-minute post-conference portfolio consultation (via Zoom) with Mallory Grigg, senior art director at Macmillan Publishing Group, or award-winning illustrator Gordon C. James. Once you’ve registered for the conference and signed up for a portfolio review, you’ll be sent a link to submit your artwork. Reviews will be scheduled in the week or two following the conference. 

Submission/formatting requirements:

File. Submit 10-12 of your best pieces.

Portfolio file format. Portfolios may contain a maximum of twelve (12) images and must be available digitally, either via a website or a single, multi-page PDF document (one image per page).

Portfolio file size. Maximum 12MB for PDF files.  


Spots Available: 15 

If you need help creating a .pdf or downsizing images, please contact Illustrator Coordinator Kathleen Bradshaw at with the subject line: WIK24 Portfolio Assistance. 

Portfolio Review Faculty

Mallory Grigg (portfolios or websites)

Gordon C. James (portfolios or websites)