Pitch Critique Round Tables

Pitch Critique Roundtables

We are thrilled to be offering something new at WIK 2024: PITCH CRITIQUE ROUNDTABLES

Get live, real-time feedback to help you hone your pitch from an industry professional in a small

group setting. The feedback will be focused on ways to make your pitch stronger and more

compelling. You’ll also get to hear your peers’ pitches and the feedback they receive, making

this a valuable opportunity to gain insights and understanding into what makes a successful

pitch. You won’t want to miss this one-hour mini-intensive!

How to Join a Roundtable

 Register for a pitch critique roundtable (11 max per table).

 Bring two (2) copies of a written pitch (one for you and one for the industry pro).

 You’ll have five (5) minutes to read your pitch to the group and receive feedback from the

industry pro.