Portfolio Showcase Details

Portfolio Showcase

Another conference favorite, the Portfolio Showcase features the work of artists and illustrators from the Southern Breeze region.

·      For artists/illustrators: Showcase and promote your work. Guests and attendees of this event include Homewood Library visitors and the public, conference faculty and attendees and others. Get your work noticed by participating in the Portfolio Showcase!

·      For attendees and the public: View the work of new and emerging artists, as well as pieces by more seasoned illustrators. Get to know your favorite and future favorite illustrators!

Event Details

Homewood Public Library

Friday, April 26 - 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

·      Pre-event portfolio/materials drop-off: TBD

·      Pick-up: TBD

Saturday, April 27 - 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

·      Drop-off: TBD

·      Pick-up: TBD

SCBWI is not responsible for any portfolios or promotional materials left behind.

Release Form (Required)

Upon conference registration online, each portfolio showcase participant must read the online release form and check the box indicating approval prior to leaving the portfolio for review. 

Exhibition Materials*:

Portfolio (required)

Promotional postcards (optional)

Dummy (optional)

Published books (optional)

*Portfolios must be the participant’s own artwork. Please label all items with your name and contact information.


One (1) portfolio per illustrator

Standard format only:

·      10–15 images

·      Portfolio size (open): 34”w x 17”h

o  Portfolios/images that exceed this size cannot be accepted for display.

Copies/prints only; no original art

Images must be attached/secured to portfolio (no separate images, framed images, etc.)

Business or Promotional Cards

Cards must be bound or in a bag/box; no loose cards please.

100 cards (suggested)

Card size: Up to 5” x 7” vertical or horizontal

Dummy Book (optional)

A dummy is an opportunity to display your ability to create a children’s book and may be displayed as an addition to (but not a replacement of) your portfolio.

Limit two (2)

Dummy may not, in any way, be a partially or fully published book.

Dummy must be attached to your portfolio (string, yarn, and ribbon work well).

For dummies that include another’s work (e.g. writing) include attribution.

Published Book (optional)

Published illustrators (traditionally or self-published) may include 1-2 works for display.

Limit two (2)

Have questions?

Email our Illustrator Coordinator, Kathleen Bradshaw, at southern-breeze-ic@scbwi.org.

“The portfolio showcase is a faculty favorite. Dan Santat launched his career from the SCBWI portfolio showcase at the New York Conference. I've witnessed conversations between an editor or agent and an illustrator attendee following the portfolio showcase here in Alabama. You never know what connection you might make.”

Kathleen Bradshaw, SCBWI Southern Breeze Illustrator Coordinator

Additional Resources

For more information about illustrator portfolios, visit the SCBWI Michigan Blog and read the “Portfolio Field Guide by Jen + Katie”.