Equity and Inclusion Scholarship

Equity and Inclusion Scholarship

To affirm the need for increased representation in every facet of the children’s and YA book industry, SCBWI Nebraska is offering two full scholarship slots for the Writing from the Inside Out Novel Workshop.

These scholarships are offered to writers who identify as part of a community that has been traditionally marginalized by the publishing industry. This includes, but is not limited to: race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship, veteran status, and religion. This scholarship is open to premium members of SCBWI.

Scholarship Submission Instructions

Prepare one (1) Word document or PDF that includes the following:

1. Brief cover letter answering these questions (there are no right or wrong answers; we just want to get to know you and your goals):

 – Tell us about you. What’s your current job or life situation? Have you attended an SCBWI event before?

 – Why do you want a career in children’s literature?

 – What are your career goals?

 – What does writing mean to you?

 – What do you hope to get out of this scholarship?

2. One writing sample of a children’s picture book or up to three pages of a children’s literature novel. This should be formatted with standard formatting rules as seen on page 8 in the SCBWI Essential Guide. You do not need a full cover page for this submission; name and title in the header are sufficient.

Name the file with your name plus WFTIO-N (e.g.: RickRiordan-WFTIO-Novel)

Applications should be emailed to nebraska-ra2@scbwi.org. Make the subject line: WFTIO Novel Scholarship Application.

Scholarship Application deadline is July 31, 2024.