Frequently asked questions Canada: East

Find some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Email woes

Verify the email address associated with your member profile

We use the email address you provided on your SCBWI profile for all SCBWI communications, with the exception of SCBWI Canada East Exchange. Mailings from our Google Group are based on the email address you used to sign up for the group, and some members have chosen to use a different email address than they have listed on their SCBWI profile. Be sure to keep your SCBWI profile (and your Google Group membership) up to date if you change email addresses, or you will not receive any emails from SCBWI. You can update your SCBWI Profile–including your email address–at by clicking on MEMBER HOME, then MY PROFILE, and then EDIT MY PROFILE..

Add SCBWI email addresses to your address book

Adding a sender’s email address to your address book will help to reduce (not eliminate) the chances of their email landing in your spam folder. Despite everyone’s best efforts, some messages you want will end up there. This is the first place to check if you think you’re missing a message. Several addresses you should consider adding to your contacts right now are and (used for many of SCBWI headquarters general and event announcements, as well as their Pro Insider newsletter), (the Insight newsletter), (for our SCBWI Canada East chapter communications, including event announcements, Quick Notes, etc.), (for messages from our Google Group), and (for communications from our RA).

Mark SCBWI messages as NOT spam

When SCBWI email messages land in your spam folder, mark them as NOT Spam. This is the most important thing you should do to prevent future messages from that email address from landing in your Spam folder. Tip: If you use an email program such as Mac Mail or Thunderbird and mail from some of your regular contacts is going to your junk mail when it shouldn’t, often the solution is to fix it via your service provider’s webmail interface. It is usually the one marking it as spam, not your mail program. Sign onto your service provider’s webmail interface and mark the sender as NOT Junk there. Hopefully, the next time you receive mail from that sender, your problem will be resolved.

Keep an eye on your spam (junk) folder

Despite everyone’s best efforts, some messages you want will end up there. This is the first place to check if you think you’re missing a message. Note for Gmail users: If you are using Gmail’s default layout, when you click on Inbox, you’ll see three tabs across the top of your email — Primary, Social, and Promotions. Don’t forget to check your Social and Promotions tabs as well as your Spam folder. Gmail will often send SCBWI mail to these folders instead of your inbox. Also, note that Gmail will delete messages that have been in your Spam folder after 30 days.

Gmail users – keep an eye on your Promotions and Social Media folders

Depending on your Gmail configuration, you may have tabs or categories for Promotions and Social Media. Or you may have set up your own filters to categorize incoming mail. Gmail may have inadvertently placed SCBWI messages into one of these other categories. Use Gmail help instructions to learn out how to move these to the correct category.

Do not unsubscribe from Constant Contact emails from SCBWI

If you unsubscribe from an SCBWI mailing sent via Constant Contact, you are unsubscribing not only from that particular mailing but from ALL SCBWI mailings distributed via Constant Contact. This includes Quick Notes (our monthly chapter e-newsletter), SCBWI Insight and Pro Insider (e-newsletter from SCBWI “headquarters”), notifications of new programs for members, and more. If you have opted out accidentally and would like assistance getting back on the SCBWI mailing list, please use the Green Help button on the website to ask to be re-subscribed.

Participating in the SCBWI Canada East Exchange

Members often have multiple email addresses — a personal email address, a business email address, an email address for newsletters, etc. And sometimes members auto-forward messages between their various accounts. If you are receiving emails from the Exchange but you are unable to send messages to the group, you have likely turned on auto-forward between your accounts, and you are trying to reply using an email address that is not registered on The Exchange. You can only send messages to a Google Group from the email address that you used to register for the group. Try resending your message using your other email address(es). If you are unable to find out what email address you used to register for the Exchange, contact the SCBWI Canada East ARA.

Create a special folder for SCBWI email messages

You can also choose to create a special folder for SCBWI email messages and add a mail rule redirecting all mail from these two addresses to that folder instead of your Inbox. Because any mail rules and filters you create are generally applied before spam filters, any SCBWI messages should be directed to the folder you identify in the rule or filter before the junk-mail (or spam) filter kicks in. For Gmail users, this can be done by clicking on the Settings icon at the top-right of your Gmail interface, followed by See all settings, and then Filters and Blocked Addresses. Next, click on Create a new filter. Enter the domain name in the From field. (You want to enter the domain name, not a specific email address, in order to receive all emails from SCBWI.) Then, click on Create filter (not the blue Search button). You will be presented with the screen below. Check Never send it to Spam (and any other rules you’d like to apply). Click on Create Filter. Note: you will have to repeat the above process (enter: in the From field this time) for Google Group emails, as they come from Google Groups, not SCBWI.