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Featured Illustrator


Featured Illustrator


SCBWI features one illustrator member each month. The Featured Illustrator’s art is highlighted prominently on the homepage and the Illustrator Gallery landing page, as well as all SCBWI social media. Our site receives over 191K hits each month, our Instagram account has over 22K followers, our Twitter account has 44K followers, and our Facebook has 5K followers. That is a lot of eyes on your work!





June Featured Illustrator 




In order to be chosen as a Featured Illustrator, you must have an up-to-date Illustrator Gallery on the SCBWI site with at least twelve images. Also, you can greatly increase your chances of being chosen if you have at least one image in your gallery that will fit easily into the SCBWI homepage spot. The dimensions are 940 pixels across and 550 pixels high. Make sure the main character or action is not in the top left portion of the image, otherwise it will get cut off by the diagonal graphic element. To increase your chances of being chosen, participate in other SCBWI contests and awards for illustrators.


If you have recently updated your SCBWI Illustrator Gallery and would like to be considered for Featured Illustrator, you can email Please put “Featured Illustrator” in the subject line and include a link to your SCBWI gallery. Each member can send one email no more than once per month. We will still be considering members who do not reach out via email, but this step will ensure that you are in the running.