Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

List of PAL Publishers



PAL Publisher Guidelines


1. The author/illustrator shall not have paid any money or consideration for the publication, marketing, editing and/or distribution or any other payment of their work in any format.  This would eliminate all vanity publishing and subsidy publishing.

2. The publisher (whether traditional or new media) must have a professional editorial process prior to publication, at no charge to the author/illustrator.

3. There must exist a means of broad distribution to the retail customer.

4. The publisher must publish works from more than one author and illustrator, or family. Thus, if there are several illustrators but only one author (or vice versa) it will not qualify.

5. The publisher must have published at least one prior full list, or in the case of a digital publisher, have been in business for a minimum of one year.

6. The publisher, whether traditional or new media,  provides a means of marketing at no cost to the author/illustrator.

If you believe your publishing house deserves PAL status please fill out the request below. Note that we retain the right to disqualify a publisher from PAL if we find after approval that it no longer meets the criteria.

Once you have been published by a PAL publisher, in order for your status to be PAL, you must upload the qualifying product and click on the publisher in the drop down menu. Your status will then automatically be changed to PAL.




Following is the current list of SCBWI PAL (Published And Listed) publishers:

02 Yayinevi

10-2 Childrens Books



4RV Publishing LLC

50/50 Press

80 Pages Inc

A & C Black Publishers

A & C Black Publishers Ltd

A & C Black Publishers Ltd. (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Abbeville Press

Abbey Home Media

Abbey Home Media

ABC Books

ABC Press


ABDO Group

Abe's Peanut

Abe's Penny, LLC

Abela Publishing

Abingdon Press

Abiva Publishing

Abrams Books for Young Readers

Abrams Learning Trends

Absey and Co

Absolute Love Publishing

Abvia Publishing

Acair Books


Accord Publishing

Actes Sud Junior

Actes Sud Junior

Adarna House

Adarna House



Adventure Publications

Aelurus Publishing



AFCC Publications

Africa Sun Press

African Sun Press

Aim Magazine

Akane Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd.

Akatsuki Kyoikutosho

Aladdin (Simon & Schuster)

Alanna Books

Alazar Press

Albert Whitman & CO.

ALEF Design Group

Alfabeta Boleforlag

Alfabeta Boleforlag

Alfaguara Infantil

Alfred A. Knopf (Random House Children's Books)

Algar Editorial

Algonquin Young Readers

Alice Jeunesse

All About Kids Publishing

All Things that Matter Press

Allegra Publishing

Allegra Publishing Ltd.

Allen & Unwin

Allen and Unwin

Allen And Unwin

Alligator Books LTD

Alligator Books Ltd.

Alpacas Magazine


Al_Ameen Serve SDN BHD

AM Oved Publishers

Amana Publications

Amazon Children’s Publishing

Amazon Publishing

Ambassador International

Amberjack Publishing

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

American Cancer Society

American Girl

American Girl Magazine

Amicus Publishing

Amirah Publishing

Amulet Books (Abrams Books for Young Readers)

Anaiah Press

Analog Science Fiction

Anaya Infantil

Anchor Group Publishing

Anchorage Press Plays


Andersen Press

Andersen Press Ltd.

Andrés Bello Mexicana

Andrews McMeel Universal

Angry Robot Books/Strange Chemistry Books

Angus and Robertson



Anness Publishing

Anness Publishing

Annick Press

Annick Press

Annick Press

Anova Books

Anvil Books/ The Children’s Press

Anvil Publishing

Anvil Publishing, Inc.

APE Junior

Ape Junior

Apec Forlag

APEC Publishers

Appleseed Books

Appleseeds Magazine

Apprentice shop books

Apprentice Shop Books

Arbordale publishing

Arbutus Press


Archie Comics

Arcturus Publishing

Arcturus Publishing Ltd.

Arena Verlag GMBH

Aris Kan Co., Ltd.

Arizona Highways Books



Arkaim Publishing House

Arnoldo Mondadori

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Divisione Libri Per Ragazzi

Arsedition GMBH

Arte e Crescita

Arte E Crescita

Arte Publico Press

Arte Publico Press



Artes de México

Arthur A. Levine Books (Scholastic Press)

Ashberry Lane

Ashby-BP Publishing

Ashland Creek Press

Ask Magazine (Carus Publishing)

Aslan Shobo, Inc.

Aspirations Publishing

Assent Publishing

Astraea press

Asunaro Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd.

Athanasios Kastaniotis SA

Athanasios Kastaniotis Sa

Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon & Schuster)

Atlantic Europe

Atlantic Europe Publishing Co. Ltd

Atlantis - M Pechlivanides And CO. SA

Atlantis-M Pechlivanides And Co SA

Aufbau Verlag GMBH&CO

Augsburg Fortress Publishers

August House

Author Inks Books

Autism Asperger Publishing Company

Autumn Publishing

Autumn Publishing

Avalon Travel(Perseus)

Ave Maria Press


Award Publications

Award Publications

Awareness Publishing SA (PTY) Ltd

AWSNA Publications

Azro Press

B Edizioni Design

B Edizioni Design

B Small Publishing Limited

B Small Publishing Limited

B Wahlstroms Bokförlag AB

B Wahlstroms Bokforlag AB



Babl Books

Babybug Magazine

Badi Publishing Corporation

Bailiwick Press

Balzer & Bray


Bancroft Press

Bancroft Press

Bantam Delacorte Dell (Random House Children’s Books)

Baobab Press

Barbour Publishing

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books Ltd.

Barking Rain Press

Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke Ltd.

Barron's Educational Seris

Barrons Educational Series

BatCat Press

Battello Stampatore

Battello Stampatore

Baumhaus Verlag GMBH

Bay Light Publishing

Bayard Editions Jeunesse

Bayard Editions Jeunesse

BBC Audiobooks LTD

BBC Audiobooks Ltd

BBC Children’s Books (Penguin Group)

Be There Bedtime Stories

Beach Lane Books (Simon & Schuster)

BeachHouse Publishing, LLC (Mutual Publishing)


Bearport Publishing

Beau Coup Publishing

Beaufort Books

Beautiful Books

Beautiful Books

BeBop Books

Becker & Mayer

becker&mayer! (Chronicle Books)

Behrman House

Beisler Editore

Beisler Editore

Belfort and Bastion

Bell Bridge Books

Bell Bridge Books

Bell Pond/Steiner

Belle Books

Bellwether Media

Beltz & Gelberg

Benesse Corporation

Benjamin Press

Benjamin Press

Bess Press

Bethany House

Beyond Word

Bharat Babies

Bibliographisches Institue AG

Big Dog Plays

Big Idea

Big Sky Publishing


Bill Smith Group

Billiken Shoukai

Birdsong Books

BL Publishing

Black Dog and Leventhal

Black Dog Books

Black Dog Publications

Black Hill Press

Black Inc Books

Black Rabbit Books

Black Rose Writing

Blacksmith Books

Blackwater Press (Folens)

Blake Education

Blank Slate Press

Bloomsbury Berlin Verlag

Bloomsbury Children's Books

Bloomsbury Children's Books

Bloomsbury Children's Books

Blue Apple Books

Blue Crow Publishing

Blue Manatee Books

Blue Marlin Publications

Blue Moon Publishers

Blue Sky Press (Scholastic Press)

Blue Water Publications

Bluewood Publishing Ltd

Bodley Head Children's Books

Bodley Head Children’s Books

Bohem Press Italia

Bohem Press Italia

Boje Verlag

Bold Stroke Books

Bold Strokes Books

Bold Strokes Books (Solioquoy)



Bookfish Books

BookLight Press


Bookmart LTD

Bookmart Ltd

Books Beyond Words

Books to Treasure

Books To Treasure

Books We Love Ltd.

Booktrope Publishing



Boulden Publishing

Bow Publications

Boxer Books LTD

Boxer Books Ltd

Boxing Day Books

Boyds Mills Press

Boys Life Magazine

Boys Quest Magazine

Boys Town Press



Brainworx Studio, Inc.

Brands And Licensing (Division)

Breakaway Books

Breakwater Books

Brethren Press

Brick Cave Books

Bright Ring Publishing

Bright Sky Press

Brilliant Publications

Brilliant Publications



Brio Books

British Museum Company LTD.

British Museum Company Ltd.

Brodsky Library Press

Bronze Man Books

Brown Publishing Network, Inc.

Brown Wells & Jacobs

Bruno Mondadori

Bruno Mondadori

Bubbly Books

Buddhapuss Ink LLC

Buffalo Heritage Press

Bumples Magazine

Bumples Magazine

Bunka Publishing

Bunkeido Co., Ltd.

Bunken Shuppan

Bunker Hill Publishing

Burd St/White Mane Publishing

Bureau for At-Risk Youth

Buster Books

Buster Books

Buzz Books

BVK Buch Verlag Kempen

C'Era Una Volta

C.E.L.T.A. Amaquemecan

Cacho Publishing House

Cader Books

Cadet Quest Magazine

California Coldblood/Rare Bird Books

Calkins Creek, an Imprint of Highlights

Callicéphale Éditions

Callicephale Editions

Calliope Magazine

Callis Niños (Kalandraka, Callis Editora, Factoria K de libros, Obranegra)

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press

Cameron Books



Candied Plums


Candlewick Press

Canon Press

Cape Breton University Press

Capstone Press (Capstone Publishing Group)

Caramel Tree

Cardinal Rule Press

Caribbean Reads

Carl Hanser Verlag GMBH & Co. Kg

Carlsen Verlag GMBH

Carlton Publishing Group

Carlton Publishing Group

Carolrhoda Books (Lerner Publishing Group)

Carson Dellosa

Carson-Dellosa Publishing



Carth Usia

Carth Usia

Cartwheel Books (Scholastic)




Caterpillar (Magi Publications)

Catnip Publishing

Catnip Publishing Ltd.

Caxton Press

Cbay Books

CBBC Scotland Films

CBJ Verlag & CBJ Avanti

CCA Publications

Cecilie Dressler Verlag GMBH

Cedar Creek Publishing

Cedar Fort

Cedar Grove Books

Celebrate Magazine

Celtic Cat Publishing

Celtic Cat Publishing

Cengage Learning (Australia)

Centering Corporation

Centre Narnia

Centro Studi Erickson

Centro Studi Erickson

Chameleon Press

Champagne Books

Character Publishing

Charles Davey LLC

Charlesbridge Publishing

Cheeky Monkey Publishing

Chelsea House (Infobase Publishing)


Chess Life For Kids

Chicago Review Press

Chickasaw Press

Chicken House

Chicken House

Chicken Soup

Child -Honsha Co., Ltd.

Child and Family Press/Child Welfare League

Child's Play International

Childcraft Education

Children's Book Press

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Digest

Children’s Playmate Magazine

Children’s Press (Scholastic Library Publishing)

Childswork Childsplay

Child’s Play (International) Ltd.

Chirp Magazine

Choubunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Christian Art Gifts

Christian Education

Christian Education

Christian Education Publishers

Christian Focus Publications

Christmas Press

Christy Ottaviano

Chronicle Books

Chrysalis Children's Books

Chrysalis Children’s Books

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Cicada Magazine

Cidar Mill Press/Applesauce Press


Cillian Press Limited

Cinco Puntos Press


Citta’ Aperta

Claire Publications

Claire Publications


Classic Education

Clavis Books

Clean Teen Publishing

Clear Fork Publishing

Clear Light Publsihing

Clever Books

Clever Books

Clever Factory

Clever Factory

Click Magazine

Click Magazine (Carus Publishing)

Clockwise Press

Clubhouse Magazine

Cobblestone Magazine

Code Can

Coleman & Stott



College Bound Magazine



Collins Children's Books

Collins Children's Books




Colourpoint Books

Colourpoint Books

Comfort Publishing


Compass Point Books

Compendium Inc


Conciliar Press

Concordia Publishing House

Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo (CONAFE)

Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA)


Continental Press

Cooper Square

Cooper Square Publishing

Coppernrath Verlag

Corby Publishing

Corgi Children's Books

Corgi Children’s Books

Cormorant Books

Corwin Press

Coscom Entertainment

Coscom Entertainment

Coteau Books

Coteau Books

Cottonwood Press

Coughlan Companies

Cousteau Kids Magazine

Covenant Communication Inc.

Coward McCann

CP Publishing

CP Publishing

Crabtree Publishing Company

Craigmore Creations

Cranachan publishing

Crayon House

Creative Book Publishing

Creative Education

Creative Teaching Press

Creston Books


Cricket Books (Carus Publishing)

Crickhollow Books

Crimson Cloak Publishing

Crispin Books

Crow Magazine

Crow Toes Quarterly

Crown (Random House Children's Books)

Crown House Publishing

Crown House Publishng Ltd.

Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly (CHBB)

Curiosity Quills Press

Curriculum Corporation (Australia)

Cygnet Books

Cypress Publications

C’era Una Volta

D & M Publishers Inc (formerly Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group)/Greystone Books

Dai Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd.

Dainippon Tosho

Dalmatian Press

Dancing Cat Books

Dancing Dakini Press

Dancing Lemur Press

Dani Books Publishing

David Cook

David Fickling Books

David Fickling Books (Random House Children’s Books)

David Godine

David West Children’s Books

Davis Publications


DC Comics

De Agostini

De Agostini

De Agostini Spa

De Vier Windstreken

Dear Baby Books

Dear Baby Boooks

Deeds Traditional

Delacorte Dell (Random House)

Delacorte Dell Yearling (Random House)

Delius Book Packagers

Deseret Book

Desert Breeze Publishing

Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag GMBH & CO.KG

DeVorss and Company

Dial Books For Young Readers (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Diamond DMT Publishing

Didax, Inc.

Dig Magazine

Dignity Press


Discipleship Publictions International

Discovery Communications

Disney Adventures

Disney Libri

Disney Libri

Disney Press (Global Children’s Books)

Disney-Hyperion (Disney Children’s Book Group)

Diversion Books

Diversion Press

Dix Verlag & PR

DK Publishing (A Pearson Company)

Dog Eared Publications

Dog Fancy

Donna Mae Ltd

Doodle and Peck Publishing

Dorling Kindersley

Dorling Kindersley Verlag GMBH


Double Storey

Doubleday Canada (Random House of Canada)

Dover Publications

Down East Maine

Down-the-Shore Publishing

Downeast Books

DPI Books

Dragon Tales Publishing

Dramatic Publishing

Dramatics Magazine

Dreaming Robot Press

Dref Wen

Dref Wen

Duckbill Books

Duet Books/Interlude Press

Dundurn Group

Dundurn Press


Dutton Children’s Books (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Dynamath Magazine

E&E Publishing

E.M. Querido's Uitgeverij B.V.

e:lit (formerly Primary English Teaching Association)

Early Learning Resouce Unit

Early Learning Resource Unit

Early Learning Resources Unit

East West Discovery

Echelon Press

Echelon Press

EDCO Publishing

Ediciones Castillo

Ediciones Castillo

Ediciones Diquesi

Ediciones Internacionales Edebé

Ediciones La Fragatina

Ediciones Palabra SA

Ediciones Palabra, SA

Ediciones sm/Literatura sm

Ediciones Tecolote

Edicións Xerais (Hachette Livre)



Editeam Young

Editeam Young

Editing Edizioni

Editing Edizioni

Éditions Auzou

Éditions Deux Coqs d'Or

Editions Du Dromadaire

Editions Du Dromadaire

Editions Du Panama

Éditions Du Panama

Editions Guy Binsfeld

Éditions Les 400 Coups

Editions Talents Hauts

Editions Thierry Magnier

Editions Thierry Magnier

Editions Utopie

Editori Riuniti

Editori Riuniti

Editorial Directions, Inc

Editorial Everest Mexicana

Editorial Jus

Editorial Juventud

Editorial Juventud

Editorial Kolima Publishers

Editorial Libre Albedrio (Libre Albedrio Editorial)

Editorial Norma

Editorial Progreso

Editorial Rimpego

Editorial Serpentina

Editorial Trillas


Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori

Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori

Editoriale Jaca Book

Editoriale Jaca Book

Editoriale Scienza

Editoriale Scienza

Editrice Pisani

Editrice Pisani


Edizioni Arka

Edizioni Arka

Edizioni Coccole E Caccole

Edizioni Coccole E Caccole

Edizioni Corsare

Edizioni Corsare

Edizioni E/O Il Baleno

Edizioni E/O Il Baleno

Edizioni Il Punto D'Incontro

Edizioni Il Punto D’incontro

Edizioni Larus

Edizioni Larus

Edizioni Messaggero Padova

Edizioni Messaggero Padova

Edizioni Pavees

Edizioni Pavees

Edizioni Piemme

Edizioni Piemme

Edizioni Piemme

Edizioni San Paolo

Edizioni Sonda



Educational Company of Ireland

Educational Company Of Ireland


Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

EGA – Edizioni Gruppo Abele

EGA- Edizioni Gruppo Abele

Egmont Books

Egmont Books (Egmont And Dean)

Egmont Russia

Egmont USA

Ehonkan Publishers, Inc.

Eifrig Publishing

Einaudi Ragazzi Edizioni El

Einaudi Ragazzi, Edizioni El Einaudi Ragazzi Emme Edizioni

Einaudi Scuola

Einaudi Scuola

Ekare Europa SL

Ekare Europa SL

Ekstasis Editions/Cherubim Books



El Naranjo

Eleanor Curtain Publishing

Eleanor Curtain Publishing

Electronic Arts

Elemond Scuola

Elemond Scuola

Elephant Rock Books

Elephant's Book Shelf Press

Elk Lake Publishers



Ellinika Grammata Publishers SA

Ellinika Grammata Publishers SA

Elva Resa Publishing

Ember (Random House)

EMI Music Switzerland

Emma Treehouse Children's Books



Empyrean Hill Books

En Theos Press

Enchanted Lion Books

Enslow Publishers

Enslow Publishers

Entangled Publishing

Epigram Books

Era Publications

Erdem Yayinlari

Erdem Yayinlari

Erika Klopp Verlag

Eriksson & Lindgren Bokforlag

Eriksson & Lindgren Bokforlag



Esslinger Verlag J.F. Schreiber GMBH

Eternal Press

Etopia Press

Evan-Moor Corporation

Evans Brothers LTD

Evans Brothers Ltd. (Evans Publishing Group)

Evernight Teen

Everyman's Library

Everyman’s Library (Alfred A. Knopf)

Excalibur Press

Exisle Publishing



Fabbri Editore

Fabbri Editore

Faber and Faber LTD

Faber And Faber Ltd.

Faces Magazine

Falzea Editore

Falzea Editore


Family Fun

FantaSi Books (PTY) Ltd

Fantasi Publishers



Farcountry Press

Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.

Fat Brain Toy Company



Featherweight Publishing

Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan Publishers)

Feldheim Publishers



Fernández Editores of Mexico

Fickling Books

Fifth House

Fifth House Publishers / Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Filter Press

Filter Press

Finding my way Books

Finney Company

Firedrake Books

Firefly Books

First and Best in Education

First And Best In Education Ltd.

First Second

Fischer Schatzinsel in der S. Fischer Verlag GMBH

Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Fitzroy Books

Five Mile

Five Mile Press

Five Star Publishing (Gale)

Flame Tree Publishing

Flame Tree Publishing

Flashlight Press

Flashlight Press Books

Flat Hammock Press

Fledgling Press


Fleurus (A Cappella Fleurus Family)

Fleurus Enfant

Fleurus Enfant

Fleurus-Idées / Fleurus Jeunesse

Fleurus-Idees/Fleurus Jeunesse

Florida Historical Society

Floris Books

Floris Books

Flowerpot Press


Flying Eye Books

Focus Readers (North Star Editions)

Fog Ink

Folens Publishers

Folens Publishers

Folens Publishers

Fondo de Cultura Económica

Ford Streeet Publishing

Ford Street Publishing Pty Ltd

Forest Hill Publishing LLC

Formac Publishing

Formac/Lorimer Publishing

Forward Movement

Four Corners Publishing


Frances Foster

Frances Lincoln Publishers

Frances Lincoln Publishers (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

Franckh Kosmos Verlags GMBH & Co. KG

Franklin Watts (Hachette)

Franklin Watts (Scholastic Library Publishing)

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Publishing

Free Spirit Publishing

Freies Geistesleben

Fremantle Press

Froebel-kan Co., Ltd.

Frog Legs Ink

Frog Street Press

Front Street (Boyds Mills Press)

Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc.

Fulcrum Publishing

Full Fathom Five

Fun For Kidz Magazine

Future ACE Publishing SDN BHD

Future House Publishing

FutureWord Publishing

FutureWord Publishing

G.P. Putnam's Sons (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Gabriel Verlag in der Thienemann Verlag GMBH

Gairm Publications

Gairm Publications

Gakken Co., Ltd.

Gale Cengage Learning Group

Gallimard Jeunesse

Gallimard Jeunesse

Gallucci Editore

Gallucci Editore

Gallus Publications

Gallus Publications

Galore Park Publishing

Galore Park Publishng Ltd.

Gamekeeper Press

Gecko Press

Geddes & Grosset

Geddes & Grosset

Gefen Publishing House LTD

Gefen Publishing House Ltd


Gemser Publications

General Store Publishing House

Gerstenberg Verlag GMBH & Co. KG

Getty Publications


Giacché Edizioni

Giacche Edizioni

Giannino Stoppani Coop

Giannio Stoppani Coop

Giant Elephant

Gibbs-Smith Publisher

Gifted Education Press

Gihon River Press

Giles Ltd.

Gingerbread House

Ginn & Co. (Hachette)

Giraffe Books (Pan Macmillan South Africa Ltd)



Girls’ Life Magazine


Giunti (Gruppo Editoriale Giunti)

Glasgow Carreg Gwalch

Glowwork Books

Glowworm Books

GMTA Publishing

Goblin Shobo

Goff Books

Golden Alley Press

Golden Books (Random House Children’s Books)

Goldminds Publishing

Gomer Press

Gomer Press

Good Neighbor Press Childcraft (McGraw-Hill)

Good Year Books


Goops Unlimited

Goosebottom Books, LLC

Gottmer Publishing Group

Granada Learning

Grand Canyon Association

Graphic Arts Books

Graphic Arts Center Publishing


Grasset Jeunesse

Grasset Jeunesse

Grateful Steps

Great Plains Publications

Great Source Education Group

Greater Glider Productions Australia

Green Darner Press

Green Willow (HarperCollins)

Green Writers' Press

Greenhaven Press

Greenleaf Press

Greenville County Museum of Art

Grosset & Dunlap/PSS (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Groundwood Books/ House Of Anansi Press

Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press

Group Publishing, Inc.

Grow Wings And Fly Publishing

Grupo Edebe

Grupo Editorial Norma

Grupo Editorial Norma

Grupo Editorial Patria

Grupo Everest

Gruppo Edicart

Gruppo Edicart

Gryphon House

Guam Department of Public Safety

Guardian Angel Kids Ezine

Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing

Guide Magazine

Guideposts Sweet 16 Magazine

Gullane Children's Books

Gullane Children's Books

Gumboot Books

Gumboot Books

Gunst Verlag GMBH I.G.

Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

H.J. Kramer

Hachai Publishing

Hachette Australia

Hachette Book Group


Hachette Children's Books

Hachette Children’s Books

Hachette NZ

Hakibbutz Hameuchad

Haldane Mason

Haldane Mason Ltd.


Handersen Publishing

Handprint Books (Chronicle Books)

Happy Art Edizioni

Happy Art Edizioni

Happy House (Darakwon)

Happy Owl Co., Ltd.

Hara Publishing Group

Harbour Publishing

Harcourt Brace Australia

Harcourt Children's Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Harcourt Education Ltd. (Reed Elsevier Ltd.)

Hard Shell Word Factory

Hardball Press

Hardie Grant Egmont

Harlequin Teen

Harmony Ink Press

Harper Collins Children's Books

Harper Collins Children’s Books

Harper Collins Publishers

Harper Festival

HarperCollins (Australia)

HarperCollins Canada

HarperCollins Children's Books

HarperCollins NZ

Harter Kinderbuchverlag

Harvard Square Editions

Harvest House

Haven Books

Haven Books

Hayakawa Publishing, Inc.

Haydenburri Lane Press


HBE Publishing

Headline Books

Headroom Verlag

Health Communications Inc.

HealthPress NA

Heibonsha Limited, Publishers


Heinemann Educational

Heinemann Educational (Hachette)

Heinemann Educational Publishers



Hendrick-Long Publishing

Henry Holt Books for Young Readers

HenschelHAUS Publishing

Herald Press

Herons Bend Productions

Heuer Publishing


Hickory Tales Publishing

High Hill Press

High Noon Books

Highlights For Children

Highlights Hello Magazine

Highlights High Five Magazine

Highlights Press

HighPoint Publishing, Inc.

Highsmith Corporate

Hikarinokuni Co., Ltd.

Hikumano Publishing Company

Hinkler Books

Hodder Children’s Books

Hodder Children’s Books (Hachette)

Hodder Education Group

Hodder Education Group

Hodder Wayland



Hoikusha Publishing, Ltd.

Hokuryukan Co., Ltd.

Holiday House, INC.

Holp Shuppan, Publishers



Hopscotch Books

Hopscotch Educational Publishing Ltd.

Hopscotch Magazine

Horcompany Schaack Und Herzog OHG

Horncastle Verlag GMBH


Houghton Mifflin Books for Children (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)


Hubble and Hattie

Huia Publishers

Human & Rousseau

Human & Rousseau (NB Publishers)

Humanics Publishing Group

Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine (U*S* Kids)

Hunger Mountain

Hunter House Publishers

Hydra House

Hydra Publications


I Fiori Di Campo

I Fiori Di Campo

Ice Cube Press

Idea Libri

Idea Libri

Ideals Books

Ideals Publications

Igel-Records & Igel-Genius Aktive Musik Verlagsgesellschaft MBH

Ignatius Press

Ignite Your Faith Magazine

Il Castoro Bambini

Il Castoro Bambini

Il Gioco Di Leggere

Il Gioco Di Leggere

Illumination Arts Publishing

In This Together Media

Incentive Publications

Indiana Historical Society Press

Indra Publications

Indy World/Alternative Comics

Infinite Ideas

Infobase Publishing

Inhabit Media

Ink Smith Publishing

Ink Smith Publishing

Inkspell Publishing


Innovative Kids

Innovative Kids

Insight Magazine

Integra Majujaya Publishing SDN BHD

Interact Publishing

Interactive Publications



Intervisual Books (Dalmatian Press)

Intrigue Publishing

IPKidz (Interactive Publications)

Iris Publishing Group

Island Heritage

Islandport Press

Istituto Geografico De Agostini

Istituto Geografico De Agostini

Iwanami Shoten Publishers

Iwasaki Publishing Co., Ltd.

Jacana Media

Jacana Media (Pty) Ltd.

Jack and Jill Magazine (U*S* Kids)

Jalmar Press

James Lorimer and Company

Jane Nissen Books

Jason & Nordic Publishers

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Jewish Lights Publishing

JN Cooray Publishing House SDN BHD

John Fielder

John Hunt Publishing

John Hunt Publishing Ltd., O-Books Publishing Ltd.

Jolly Learning

Jolly Learning Ltd.

Jollyfish Press

Joshi Paolo Kai (Daughters of Saint Paul)


Journey Forth

Jtaylor Publishing

Judaica Press

Jumbo Neue Medien & Verlag GMBH

Jump Start Press

Jumping Jack Press

Junior Baseball

Jupiter Gardens Press

Just Us Books

Juta & Company Ltd (Imprints: Double storey, Juta Learning)

Juta Learning

Kaeden Books

Kahani Magazine

Kaisei-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Kane Press


Kar-Ben Publishing

Karadi Tales

Karl-May-Verlag GMBH

Kashiwashobo Publishing Co., Ltd.

Katherine Tegan

Kaufmann Verlag

Kendall Green Publications(Galludet)

Kendall Hunt Publishing

Kensington Books

Kesaint Blanc

Keter Books

Kevin Mayhew

Key Porter Books

Key Porter Books

Keys for Kids Ministries

Kidhaven Press

Kids Can Press

Kids Can Press

Kids Marketeers

Kidzone Magazine

Kiki Magazine

Kindermann Verlag Berlin

King Features Syndicate

King's England Press

Kingfisher Publications

Kingfisher Publications Plc.



King’s England Press

Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Bvir

Kinnohoshisha Co., Ltd.

Kite Edizioni

Kite Edizioni


Klett Kinderbuch Friedrich Berlin Verlagsgesellschaft MBH


Knopf Canada (Random House of Canada)

Know Magazine

Knowedge Quest

Knowonder! Magazine

Koala Books

Kodansha Ltd.

KOGUMA Publishing Co., Ltd.

Kohwai & Young Publications SDN BHD


Komine Shoten Co., Ltd.

Kosei Publishing Company

Kreativni Centar

Kreativni Centar

Kregel Kidzone

Kroese Press

Kube Publishers

Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd.

Kwela Books

Kwela Books

Kwil Publishing

Kyo Won


L & L Dreamspell

L'Ecole Des Loisirs

La Biblioteca Junior

La Biblioteca Junior

La Coccinella

La Coccinella

La Guarida Ediciones

La Joie de Lire

La Marcherita Edizioni

La Margherita Edizioni

La Nuova Frontiera

La Nuova Frontiera

LA Times Kids Reading Room

Ladybug Magazine


Lake 7 Creative

Lampara Publishing House

Lampara Publishing House

Lands Atlantic

Lantana Publishing

Lapa Publishers

Lapa Publishers


Lappan Verlag GMBH

Lawells Publishing

LBF Books Ltd

Le Marasche

Le Marasche

Leadstart Publishing

Leap Books

Leap Books

Learning A-Z

Learning Horizons

Learning Through History

Learning Through History

Leckie and Leckie

Leckie And Leckie (Granada Learning Group)

Lee & Low Books



Lerner Publica-tions (Lerner Publishing Group)

Lerner Publishing Group

Lerner Publishing Group

Les Éditions Du Bastberg

Les Editions Du Bastberg

Letts Educational

Letts Educational


Liberia Norma

Liblio Publishing

Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO

Libros del Escarabajo

Light Publications

Lightswitch Learning (Sussman)

Liguori Publications




Linnet Books

Linworth Learning

Lion Forge

Lion Hudson

Lion Hudson PLC

Lion Hudson PLC

Listen Magazine


Little Bahalia Publishing

Little Bahalia Publishing

little bee books (Bonnier Publishing)

Little Book Press

Little Creek Books

Little Creek Books

Little Giggles Press

Little Hare Books

Little Island

Little Pickle Press

Little Simon (Simon & Schuster)

Little Tiger

Little Tiger Press

Little Tiger Press (Magi Publications)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (Hachette Book Group USA)

Liturgical Publications


Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing

Lobster Press

Lobster Press

Logos Books


Long Bridge Publishing


Lorimer & Co.

Lothian Children's Books

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard

Loving Healing Press

Lucent Books

Lucent Books

Lucky Press

Luminis Books

Lutterworth Press

Lutterworth Press (James Clarke & Co. Ltd.)

Lux Verbi

L’école Des Loisirs


L’isola Dei Ragazzi


MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing

Macmillan Children's Books

Macmillan Children's Books

Macmillan Education Australia

Macmillan Education Ltd.

MacMillan South Africa Pty Ltd

Madison Press Books

Magabala Books

Magi Publications

Magi Publications

Magical Child Books

Magination Press / APA

Malki-Ballena Press

Mallinson Rendel Publishers

Manhattan Press

Manni Editori

Mantra Lingua

Mantra Lingua

Maple Tree Press

Marcinson Press

Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster)

Margaret River Press

Marimba Books(just Us Books)

Mark Twain Media

Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark (Marshall Cavendish Corporation)

Marshall Cavendish Children's Books (Marshall Cavendish Corporation)

Marshall Cavendish Corporation

Marshall Cavendish Ltd.

Martin Pearl Publishing

martin sisters publishing

Mary Vigliante

Maskew Miller Longman (PTY) LTD

Maskew Miller Longman (PTY) Ltd.


Master Books / New Leaf Press

Matar Publishing House

Mathew Price Books

Maupin House Publishing

Maurizio Corraini Edizioni

Mavai Publishing

Maverick Books

Mayhew Ltd.

Mazo Publishers

MB Publishing

Mc Editrice

McArthur & Company

McClelland & Stewart

MCCM Creations

MCCM Creations

McFarland Publishers


Meadowbrook Press

Meadowside Children's Books

Meadowside Children’s Books

Medallion Press

Media Vaca Italia

MediaAria CDM



Mehta Publishing House

Melange Books

Mentor Books

Mentor Books

Menucha Publishers

Mercier Press

Mercier Press

Meredith (Crayola Kids Magazine)

Merit Press (F&W Media)

Meriwether Publishing

Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch

Metrokids Magazine

Mighty Media


Milk and Honey Press

Milkweed Editions


Millbrook Press (Lerner Publishing Group)


Minnesota Historical Society Press

Minoas SA

Minoas SA

Miracles Magazine

Mirror World Publishing

Mirrorstone/Wizards of the Coast

Missouri Botanical Garden Press

Mitchell Lane Publishers

Mitsumura Educational Co., Ltd.

Mitten Press

Mizan Pustaka


Mockingbird Publishing

Modan Publishing House



Mondo Publishing



Moody Publishers

Moonlight Mesa Associates

Moosehide Books

Morgan Reynolds Publishers

Morris Publishing Australia


Motta Junior

Moulin Publishing

Mount Rushmore History Association

Mountain Press

MPH Group Publishing

MT Publishing

MTV Books(Simon and Schuster)

Muddy Boots Books

Murray Books


Musa Publishing

Musashi Shobo

Muse Magazine

Muse Magazine (Carus Publishing)

MuseItUp Publishing

MuseItUp Publishing

Museums Victoria

Muslim Writer’s Publishing

Mutual Publishing

MX Publishing

My Light Magazine

My Swoon Romance

Namelos Publishing

Nancy Paulsen Books

Napoleon & Company


Nasou Via Afrika

Nasou Via Afrika

Nate Publishing

Nathan Jeunesse

Nathan Jeunesse

National Geographic Children's Books

National Geographic Kids

National Library of Australia

National Museum of Australia

National Science Teachers Association

National Trust

Natur och Kultur

Nature Friend Magazine

Neate Publishing Ltd.

Nelson Cengage Learning (formerly New House)


Neverland Publishing

New Africa Books (Pty) Ltd (Imprints: David Philip, Songolo Books, New Africa Education)

New Frontier

New Frontier Publishing

New Frontier Publishing

New Growth Press

New Holland Publishers (Imprints: Struik, Struk Christian Books)

New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd

New Horizon Press

New Leaf Books

New Leaf Press

New Moon Magazine

New Moon Magazine

New South Books

NewSouth Books

Nicola Baxter

Nieuw Amsterdam

Nimbus Publishing

Nishimura Co., Ltd.

Nissen Books

Noble Young Adult

Nomad Press


Nord-Sued Verlag AG

Nord-Sued Verlag Ag

North Atlantic Books

North Country Press

North Star Press of St. Cloud

North State Parent

Northampton House Press

Northern Illinois University Press

Northland Publishing (Cooper Square Publishing)

Northland Publishing/Rising Moon Books

NorthSouth Books

Northwood Books


Norwood House Press

Nostra Ediciones

Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow

Not a Pipe Publishing


Nuove Edizioni Romane


O'Brien Press

Oak Tree Press

Obunsha Co., Ltd.


Odyssey Books

Odyssey Magazine

Officine Geografiche De Agostini Spa

Ofir Bikurim

Ohio University Press


Old Barn Books

OldStyle Books

Oliver Press

OMF Literature Inc.

Omf Literature Inc.

Omnibus Books

Omnifaith Organization

Omnific Publishing

On Course Magazine

On The Mark

OnStage Publishing

Oolichan Books

Ooligan Press

Operation Outreach USA

Orca Book Publishers Ltd

Orchard (Scholastic Press)

Orchard Books

Orchard Books

Orchard Books

Orchard Books (Hachette)

Orchard Books (Scholastic)

Orchard House Press

Orion Children's Books

Orion Children's Books

Orpheus Books LTD

Otter-Barry Books

OTTN Publishing

Our Little Friend Magazine

Our Rainbow Press

Our Sunday Visitor

Owl House

Owl House Books

Owl Magazine


Oxford Children's Books

Oxford Children's Books

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (Australia)

Oxford University Press South Africa

O’brien Press Ltd.

Page Street Publishing

Page Street Publishing Co.

Pajama Press

pan americana editorial

Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd    

Pan Macmillan South Africa

Pan Macmillan South Africa Ltd.

Panini Editore (Franco Cosimo)

Panorama Casa Editrice

Pants On Fire Press

Paoline Editoriale Libri


Parachute Publishing, L.L.C.

Paraclete Press

Parenting Press

Parragon Books

Parragon Books Ltd.

Patakis Publisher

Patakis Publisher

Paul Dry Books

Pauline Book and Media

Pauline Books and Media

Paulist Press

Paulus Editora

Pavilion Children’s Books


PDMI Publishing


Peachtree Publishers

Peak City Lights

Peak City Publishing


Pearson Education

Pearson Education

Pearson Mexico


Pecan Row Press

Pelangi Publishing Group BHD

Pelican Book Group

Pelican Publishing Company

Pembroke Publishers

Pemmican Publications Inc

Pemmican Publications Inc.

Pen-L Publishing

Penayay inlari

Penbroke Publishers

Penerbit Bhuana Ilmu Populer

Penfield Books

Penguin Books Australia

Penguin Books Australia

Penguin Group

Penguin Group (NZ)

Penguin Group (South Africa)

Penguin Group (UK)

Penguin Group Canada

Penny Candy Books

Perfection Learning Corporation

Permuted Press

Persea Books

Perseus Press

Persnickety Press

Perspectives Press

Peter Hammer Verlag GMBH

Peter Pauper Books

Phaidon Press Ltd.

Philomel Books (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Phoenix Learning Resources

PHP Interface

Piano Press

Picador Africa (Pan Macmillan South Africa Ltd)

Piccadilly Press LTD

Piccadilly Press Ltd.

Pictall & Gunzi Ltd.

Picthall & Gunzi

Picture Window Books (Capstone Publishers)

Pieces of Learning

Pied Piper Publishing

Piggy Toes Books (Dalmatian Press)

Pika Edizioni

Pineapple Press

Pink Umbrella Books


Pinwheel Ltd.

Pioneer Valley Books

Pipers' Ash LTD

Pipers’ Ash Ltd

Pippin Press

Planeta, Infantil y Juvenil

Plays Magazine

Pleasant St. Press

Plough Publishing

Plum Street Publishers

Pocket Jeunesse

Pocket Jeunesse

Pockets Magazine

Poisoned Pencil (Poisoned Pen)

Polestar Book Publishers (Raincoast Publishing)

Polis Books

Pomegranate Communications

Pomegranate Press

Pomelo Books

Poolbeg Press Ltd

Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.

Porrúa Hermanos y Librería

Portland Press Ltd.

Pottersfield Press

Pow Kids Press

Pratham Books

Precious Pages Corporation

Precious Pages Corporation

Price Books

Price Stern Sloan

Priddy Books

Priddy Books

Prim-Ed Publishing

Primary Treasure Magazine


Prism Book Group

prizm books

Proedi Editore

Prof-Press Publishing

Prometheus Books

Prospect Park Media

Protea Boekhuis



Providence Publishing

Prufrock Press

Psichogios Publications S.A.

Psichogios Publications S.A.



PTS Publications & Distributors SDN BHD

Publishing Works




Puffin (Division)

Puffin Books (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Pugalicious Press

Purple Sky Publishing


Pushkin Press



Quaker Books


quarry books

Quarto Children's Books LTD

Quarto Children’s Books Ltd.

Rabén & Sjögren Bokförlag

Raben & Sjogren Bokforlag

Racemaker Press

Raffaello Edizioni

Ragged Bears Publishing LTD

Ragged Bears Publishing Ltd.

Rainbow Publishers/Legacy Press

Rainbow Rumpus

Raincoast Books

Raincoast Publishing


Random House

Random House (South Africa)

Random House Australia

Random House Children's Books

Random House Children's Books (Random House Group Ltd.)

Random House Children’s Books

Random House NZ Ltd

Random House of Canada


Ranger Rick Magazine (National Wildlife Foundation)

Ransom Publishing LTD

Ransom Publishing Ltd.

Raven Productions

Raven Publishing

Raven Tree Press

Raven Words


Raw Dog Screaming Press

Rayle Productions

Rayve Productions Inc

Razorbill (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Read Magazine (Weekly Reader Corp.)

Read Zone Books

Reader's Digest Children's Publishing LTD


Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing Ltd.

Reading Matters

Rebelight Publishers

Red Bird Press

Red Bird Publishing

Red Deer Press

Red Door Press

Red Engine Press

Red Heart Books

Red Hen Press

Red Hen Press

Red Leaf Press

Reed Educational And Professional

Reedy Press

Reference Point Press

Regan Arts


Review and Herald Publishing

Rey Naranjo Editores

Rhemalda Publishing

Richard C. Owen Publishers

Rigby Heinemann (Hachette)

Rio Chico Books For Children

Rio Grande Books

Ríos de Tinta

Ripple Grove Press


Risen Books

Risen Magazine

Rising Moon Books (Northland/Cooper Square Publishing)

River Road Press


Roadrunner Press

Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan Publishers)

Robin Corey

Rock the Boat (One World Publishers)

Rockinghorse Publishing

Ronsdale Press

Ronsdale Press

Roost Publications


Rosen Central

Rosman Publishing



Rough Draft

Rourke Educational Media

Rowman and Littlefield

Roxbury Park - Lowell House

Royal Fireworks Press

RR Books

Rubinstein Publishing

Running Press Inc.

Running Press Kids (Perseus Books Group)

Rural Culture Association

S.E.I. Società Editrice Internazionale

Sa-e-la Shobo

Saddleback Educational Publishing

Saguaro Books

Sailor Publishing Co., Ltd.

Saint Andrew Press


Salariya Book Company

Salariya Book Company Ltd

Salesiana Books

Salina Bookshelf

Samir Editeur

San Paolo

San Paolo Edizioni

Sanrio Co., Ltd.

Sapphire Books

Sapphire Star Publishing

Saraband Books

Sasquatch Books

Satiama Publishing

Scarecrow Press

Scarletta Press

Schiffer Books/Cornell Marime Press

Schiffer Press


Scholastic Australia

Scholastic Canada

Scholastic India

Scholastic Library Publishing

Scholastic Ltd.

Scholastic NZ Ltd

Scholastic Paperbacks (Scholastic Press)

Scholastic Press

Scholastic Teaching Resources

Scholastics Australia

School Library Journal


Schwartz & Wade (Random House Children’s Books)

Science Weekly Magazine

Science World Magazine

Scobre Press Corporation

Scotland Street Press

Scott Foresman

Scottish Children's Press

Scottish Children’s Press

Scripture Union

Seacoast Publishing

Search Press

Second Story Press

Second Story Press

Second Wind Publishing

Seibundo Shinkosha

Sekaibunka Publishing, Inc.



Seuil Jeunesse

Seuil Jeunesse

Seven Stories Press



Shadoe Publishing

Shadow Mountain Press

Sharing The Victory Magazine

Shen's Books

Shenanigan Books

Shenanigan Books

Shenanigan Books

Shin Nihon Shuppansha

Shine Brightly Magazine


Shogakukan Inc.

Short Books Ltd.

Short On Time Books

Shout Mouse Press

Shuter & Shooter

Shuter & Shooter Publishers (PTY) Ltd.

Silence in the Library

Silver Dolphin Books (Baker & Taylor)

Silver Dragon Books

Silver Leaf Books

Silver Moon Press

Silverback Sages

Silverback Sages

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing

Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster)

Simon Spotlight (Simon & Schuster)

Simply Read Books

Simply Read Books

Sinnos Editrice

Siphano Picture Books

Siphano Picture Books

Skinner House Books

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Sky Horse Publishing

Sky Pony Press

Skyscape (Amazon Publishing)

Slack Inc.

Sleeping Bear Press

SM De Ediciones S. A. De C.V.

Small Dogma Publishing

Small Light Press

Smart Learning

Smart Pop (Imprint of BenBella)

Sociosights Press

Soensha Co., Ltd.

Soensha Co., Ltd.

Soho Press


Sono Nis Press

Sophia Institute Press

Soto Publishing

Soudo Bunka Publishing Co., Ltd

Soundprint Books

Sounds True


Sourced Media

South Dakota State Historical Society Press

Sparkle Magazine

Speak (A division of Penguin)

Spencer Hill Press

Sperling & Kupfer

Spice Box

Spider Magazine

Splashing Cow Books

Sports Publishing

Spring Pond Cultural Group

Spring Pond Cultural Group

Square Fish Publishing (Macmillan)

St. Martin's/St. Martin's Griffin

St. Mary's Press

Stacey International

Stacey International

Standard Publishing

Star Bright Books

Starfall Education

Starlight Publishing

State Standards Publishing

Stemmer House

Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Stephens Press, LLC

Sterling Publishing CO, INC

Stokes Publishing

Stone Arch Books

Stone Bridge Press

Stone Horse Publishing

Stories For Children Magazine

Stories for Children Magazine

Story Friends Magazine

Story Pie Press

Storysack Ltd.


Storyworks Magazine


Stripes (Magi Publications)

Struik Publishers

Struik Publishers (New Holland Publishers)

Studio Fun International

Suemori Books Co., Ltd.

Sumach Press

Sumach Press(imprint of ThreeO'clock Press)

Sun Ya Publications

Sunbury Press

Sunpenny Books

Super Teacher Worksheets

Suzuki Publishing

Sylvan Dell

Sylvan Dell Publishing


Synerge Books

T&N Childrens Publishing

Tafelberg Publishers

Tafelberg Publishers

Tafelberg Publishers

Tahanan Books for Young Readers

Tahanan Books For Young Readers


Tallgrass Prairie Alphabet


Tamarind Ltd.

Tanglewood Books

Tango Books

Tango Books

Tango Books Ltd.

Tara Books

Tarquin Publications

Tate Museum UK

Taylor and Seale Publishing

Taylor Trade Publishing

TCU Press

Teacher Created Materials

Teacher Ideas Press

Teaching Solutions


Teen Magazine

Teri Press

Texas A&M University Press

Texas Tech University Press

Text Publishing Company

Thames & Hudson

The Acorn Press

The Acorn Press

The Brucedale Press

The Child Welfare League of America

The Child's World

The Child's World

The Child’s World

The Clark Group

The Cornell Lab Publishing Group

The Critical Thinking Co.

The Dome Press

The Dundurn Group

The Education Center

The Elevator Group

The Experiment

The Gryphon Press

The History Press

The History Press

The Innovation Press

The Islamic Foundation

The Key Publishing House

The National Film Board of Canada

The Old SchoolHouse Magazine

The RGU Group/Bobolink Media

The Rosen Publishing Group

The Rosen Publishing Group

The Rutherway

The Rutheway

The School Magazine

The Scrumbler

The Templar Company PLC

The Templar Company Templar Publishing

The Weekly Villager

The Wild Rose Press


Theytus Books

Thierry Magnier

Thierry Magnier

Third World Press Books

Thistledown Press

Thomas Nelson

Three Bears Publishing

Three Conditions Press

Three Hares Publishing

Thunder Bay Press



Tiger Stripe Publishing

Tiger Tales Books

Tiger Tales Books

Tilbury House

Tillbury House

Time for Kids

Time for Kids (Harcourt Partnership)

Times Publishing (Hong Kong) Limited

Tiny Fox Press

Titan Books

Toe The Line Publishing

Tokuma Shoten Co., Ltd.


Tommy Nelson

Tommy Nelson

Top That! Publishing PLC

Top Thati Publishing


Tota Books

Touchwood Editions

Tradewind Books

Treehouse Children’s Books (Emma Treehouse Ltd.)

Tricycle Press

Trillium Publishing

Troika Books

Tsar Books

Tuckamore Books

Tuckamore Books (Creative Book Publishing)

Tulika Books

Tulip Romance

Tumblehome Learning

Tundra Books

Tuntun Publishing

Turner Publishing Company

Turquoise Morning Press

Turtle Books

Turtle Magazine(U*S* Kids)


Tuttle Publishing

Tuttle Publishing

Twenty or Less Press

Twenty-First Century Books (Lerner Publishing Group)

Twilight Times Books

Twin Lights Publisher

Twist Magazine

Two Lions, a division of Amazon Publishing

Tyndale House Publishers

U*S*Kids Magazine (Weekly Reader Corp.)

Uitgeverij Boekscout

Uitgeverij de Fontein

Uitgeverij Leopold B.V./Ploegsma

Uitgeverij Zwijsen


University of Washington Press

University of Alaska Press

University of Florida Press

University of Hawai'i Press

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press (UL Press)

University of New Mexico Press

University of Ohio Press

University of Puerto Rico Press

University of Queensland Press (UQP)

University of South Carolina Press

University Press of Mississippi University Press of Mississippi

Untapped Talent, LLC

Unwin Hyman(HarperCollins)

Urim Publications

Urim Publications

Usborne Publishing

Usborne Publishing


Vallardi Industrie Grafiche

Van Goor/Van Holkema & Warendorf

Vanita Books


Vendera Publishing

Veritas Press

Verlag Guy Binsfeld

Verlag Kerle in Der Verlag Herder GMBH

Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart GMBH

Victory Productions, INC.

Viking Children's Books (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Vinspire Publishing

Virginia Castleman

Virtual Village Classroom

Vision Works Publishing

Vita E Pensiero

Vivlia Publishers

Viz Media LLC

Vocational Biographies

Vox Dei Publishing

Walden Pond

Walker & Company

Walker Books

Walker Books Australia

Walker Books Ltd.

Walt Disney American Classics

Ward's NaturaL Science

Warne (Frederick)

Warne (Frederick)

Warner Press

Warren Publishing, Inc.

Waterbrook Press

Watermark Publishers

Watts Publishing Group Ltd. (Hachette Children’s Books)

Wayland (Hachette)

Wayman Publishing

Wayne State University Press

Weaving Dreams Publishing

Web of Life Childrens Books

Webfoot Publishing

Weekly Reader Corporation

Weigl Publishers Group

Wendy Lamb Books (Random House Children’s Books)

Wendy Pye Ltd

West 44 Books (impirnt of Enslow)

West Press Editrice

Westcliffe Publishers(Big Earth)

Western Australian Museum

Westminster John Knox Press

Westside Books

WestSide Books

White Cloud Press

White Mane Publishing

Whitecap Books

Whitecap Books

Whitecap Books

WiDo Publishing

Wild Child Publishing

Wild Eyed Press

Wildflower Run

Wiley Children's Books (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Williams Press

Willow Moon Publishing

Windward Publishing, An Imprint of Finney Company

Windy Hollow Books

Windy Hollow Books

Winged Lion Press

Wingrove Press

Winlaw, BC

Winner Magazine

Wireless Generation

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

Wisconsin History

Wisdom Publications

Wisdom Tales Press

Wizard Books Ltd. (Icon Books)

Wombat Books

Wonder Time Magazine

Woodbine House

Woolshed Press

Word Among Us Press

Word Press

Words & Numbers

Working Title Press

Workman Publishing

World book/Bright Connections

World Castle Publishing

World Nouveau (Mischievous Muse Press)

Write Words Inc.

Writers Digest Books

Written World Communications


Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing

Wyvern Publishing

Xchyler Publishing (a division of Hamilton Springs Press)


Yaldah Publishing

Yediot Books

Yes Magazine

Yo sí leo Editores

Yosemite Conservancy

Young Rider Magazine

Young Zubaan

Youth Plays

Youth Update Magazine

YouthLight, Inc.


Zaner-Bloser, division of Highlights for Children

Zeltner Books

Zephyr Press

Zest Books

Zeta Comics

Zittaw Press