Literary Agents of Change (LAOC) Launches Equity Directory Featuring BIPOC Agents

Our valued partner, Literary Agents of Change, has a special announcement about their new Equity Directory, an online directory of BIPOC literary agents. Here is a press release sent by LAOC:

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Literary Agents of Change (LAOC) launches the Equity Directory, an easy-to-navigate online directory featuring literary agents who self-identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color). 

Literary agents are a vital part of the publishing industry, serving as a bridge between publishers and creators pursuing traditional publishing. BIPOC creators are seeking direct access to agents from diverse backgrounds who are breaking down barriers in publishing. Literary Agents of Change’s’ Equity Directory seeks to promote BIPOC literary agents to querying authors and illustrators. The directory also aims to create opportunities for BIPOC literary agents and their publishing peers to connect. 

“Finding community and mutual support is crucial for agents,” says Caroline Miranda, one of LAOC’s board members and a literary agent at Don Congdon Associates. “Having peers to learn from and look up to is invaluable. But these networks can be hard to find. It’s inspiring to visit a directory like the Equity Directory and see BIPOC agents thriving and building strong careers.”

The Equity Directory is a free resource that will be maintained by a team of volunteer changemakers with the organization, with the hope of expanding the directory in the years ahead. 

Literary Agents of Change President and literary agent Katie Kotchman comments, "This effort felt like a natural next step in our work to actively support diversity within the publishing industry. When we heard about the loss of the Literary Agents of Color database founded by Penny Moore, we realized we could step up to fill a need. With this launch we're excited to foster connections between BIPOC agents, creators, and industry colleagues. It's a chance for us to devote financial resources to creating and maintaining an intentional space for community."

Literary Agents of Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2020 by members of the American Association of Literary Agents’ (AALA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Formed to help dismantle the barriers to entry into a career as a literary agent for members of historically underrepresented groups, particularly people of color, LAOC launched both a paid Fellowship Program to encourage recruitment into the profession, and a Mentorship Program focused on retention and promotion. LAOC also offers virtual educational opportunities to industry professionals for growth along the DEI continuum across industry lines.

LAOC invites agents who identify as BIPOC to create a member profile in the directory, and asks all supportive organizations and professionals to share this news within the publishing community.

The Equity Directory can be found at:

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