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Growing up, Alessandro Reale always had a passion for storytelling. When he was six years old, he wrote his first short story about the class teddy bear, and at age eight, he penned a short detective story for the school newsletter. By age nine, he returned to tell another short story revolving around the teddy bear and his journey across the world. As the years flew by, Alessandro spent more and more time creating these tales of wonder and astonishment.By age fourteen, Alessandro began work on his first full-length novel. This would eventually form the foundation of 'Dodger's Doorway,' which Alessandro officially published in 2011. The sequel, Return to Storyworld, was published in 2016. Alessandro is currently working on numerous sequels and spin-offs for 'The Storyworld Saga.'Alessandro decided to venture into new territory in 2017 when he published his first children's book, 'Only One Samantha,' which won the Best Children's Book Award at the Independent Author Book Expo.Since then, Alessandro has published a total of eight children's books, with many more on the way.When he's not busy creating new stories, Alessandro enjoys reading, collecting comics, and playing video games.

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