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As a child, I enjoyed writing so much that when I was sent to bed, I would get up and use the light of the moon to write. I shared my bedroom with two other sisters.  I was the oldest.  I usually waited until they went to sleep to write. Also, I would spend countless hours during the day, writing in the space of my room in our apartment. When we moved into our house in Parkside, in Camden, NJ, my mother brought me a desk and chair and placed it in our huge basement.  For years this was my office until I graduated from high school. Wherever I had the pleasure to write, it was a golden opportunity.  I had fun creating poems.  My very first poem was titled, "The Chair." It won a young author's award at my elementary school. Let me back up for a moment. I had the pleasure of matriculating in the Philadelphia school district for a brief span.  During that time, I was one of the students that was bused to an all “white or Caucasian,” School.  I got into a lot of fights. Doing that time I was introduced to poetry, this began my love affair with writing poetry. Maybe l’ll write about my experience that I lived.  Well, then i came back home to live with my parents, I was the new kid on the block,  I got in fights there too.   When I reached high school, I became an avid writer. I choose to fight with my pen. I became interested in the writings of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes Phyllis Wheatley and Nick Giovanni. Poetry became my area of specialization. I still write poetry in this twenty century.  After I graduated from Camden High School and I went to Glassboro State College/Rowan University, I developed into a creative writer.  It was in college, I learned the difference between writing creatively as poetry and writing using the tools of grammars.  Cassandra graduated from Rowan University with a BA degree in 1999 and completed a P-3 certificate program from Montclair University; again, both colleges are in New Jersey. I have substituted as a teacher in Camden County schools for many years until I earned my degree. In 1994, I published my first book titled Poetrybook. This book comprises of multiple poems, short stories, and sayings that have been shared in various forms, places and venues. I soon published my first children's book. Let me tell you how that came about. One day, my three year old grandson, Myer and I, got into an argument over my mole. He brought back memories from my teaching experience. The young students would uncontrollable love to gaze at my mole. I had to say something to satisfy their curiosity. My grandson, Myer insisted that it was a ball, button, spider... I thought to myself, "time to write a children's book." That's how 'Grand Moms Mole' began.(See below for more information on this book: Grand Mom's Mole - Cassandra Pressley : Xlibris › bookstore › SKU-0055510017 Feb 15, 2012 - Myer uses his own words to convey what is a mole throughout the book. Myer goes from pointing to ... and naming it some else. Something is supposed to happen when Myer pushes grand mom's mole …” Will I write more children’s book? Yes, I am working on another book for children.  

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