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As a children's book illustrator, I believe in the power of storytelling through images. With a BFA in visual arts - painting and two MA's in Art Research and Arts Management, my passion for the arts has led me to explore a variety of mediums and styles, always seeking to bring something new and unique to each project. ​ I am proud to have written and illustrated my debut children's book, Namaki and the Giant, published in 2018. My second book, Imagine That, written by Renee Bolla and illustrated by me, was recently released in September 2022. Being an Iranian-American based in the vibrant city of Chicago, serves me as sources of inspiration for my work. I draw from my travels and experiences, as well as the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Through my art, I aim to capture the wonder and curiosity of childhood and to inspire young readers to explore the world around them. As an illustrator, I am passionate about drawing, photography, and exploring new ways to tell stories through images. If you decide to collaborate with me, you'll find that I am dedicated, honest, punctual, and a great communicator. Together, we can create something truly special that will inspire and captivate young readers for years to come. You can follow my artistic journey on Instagram @elliecolorss



Growing Our Hearts: New Baby, New Groove

Imagine That

Namaki and the Giant

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