Emma Tipping

Author, Bookseller, Illustrator
PAL Member


I am a children's book author/ illustrator who loves stories full of quirky moments, beefy LOL's and gentle pokes at life's mysteries. The world is changing fast and we need new stories to make sense of it all! I've spent the last 10 years as a professional ink slinger, caricaturing thousands of beach goers in sunny California. I’m transitioning into kid's lit, armed with my passion for quick lines and an appetite for constant improvement. I am eager to connect with my fellow humanoids through the magic of art and storytelling. I work digitally with a little bit o' watercolor and colored pencil on the side. Currently querying and seeking an agent to represent me either as an illustrator or author/illustrator. Check out my work and blog at www.emmatipping.com!



Unicorns Fart Rainbows - a coloring book!

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