Evelyn Grundy



Combining her interests in violin playing, writing, and graphic design, Evelyn Grundy is debuting her picture book, "My Violin Is NOT Broken?". Her website, www.violinpicturebook.com, offers accompanying materials including, stickers, bookmarks, a violin tote bag, a practice journal, music and growth mind-set activity packs, and author-signed hardcover book copies.Grundy has loved the violin ever since hearing a young busker at the NW Folklife Festival in Seattle. Practicing, however, was a different matter. Now, watching her son struggle through similar discomforts, she wants to let young learners and their parents know it’s okay to feel frustrated. Learning can be hard, and perseverance and grit are complex concepts. That’s why this book was written.She modeled the illustrations after a quilting project completed years ago, giving the book a beautiful, unique feel that can be appreciated by all.

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