Heidi Rizzi

Author, Creative Director, Illustrator


My interest in art and design started with drawing as a toddler in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the years, my love for the 64-Count Crayola box of crayons grew to include pencil, watercolor, oil paint, pastels, charcoal - and computers - among other mediums. After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design as an illustration major, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I was employed as a graphic designer/art director for various companies before starting my own full time graphic design business more than 20 years ago. I am currently working on writing and illustrating my first children's book!My artwork and photography have been in several exhibits and in numerous private art collections throughout the United States and England.In addition to creating art, I enjoy music, reading, hiking, yoga, movies and spending time with my family. I live in the Atlanta area with my husband, son and dog.


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