Ian Johnson

Author, Illustrator, Translator


I am married to Julie and live in Droitwich Spa, amidst the streams, canals, and woodlands of beautiful Worcestershire. I was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford University. When my children were young, we lived for seven wonderful years in Holland, in a land of bike paths, more canals, windmills and tulips. Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon region of Brazil are also areas I love and have visited a lot, through my work. Nothing much beats a Sunday morning stroll on Copacabana beach, unless it is dancing the night away on the Ipanema sand! My son Paul is the COO of a telemedicine company in California , and my daughter Holly is a mother and beauty specialist in Droitwich. My writing has been shaped and inspired by my personal experiences, by my children and by the marvellous countries and settings I have been in.

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