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Hello!I love to keep busy! I craft. I call myself a "Kitchen Crafter," meaning I'm not a professional artist or craftsman and I do most of my work around the dining room table.I draw. I got a Surface Pro computer in 2017 and Love the Paint program! I illustrate my own books. In fact, you could say that I write in order to have something to draw.I travel. I travel with the love of my life, my husband who retired in 2015. We have a goal to hike in every national park in the US. So far, we have covered the national parks and most of the national monuments in CO, UT, CA, AZ, NM, WY, and SD. That's about 40!Like every good grandmother, I collect books for my young grandchildren. And that’s how I started writing! I noticed a real lack of science books for the very young. I have filled that gap with my book, A Stone's Crow, which is about gemology and counting. I have written other books: What Does Brown Bear Want?, Preposterous Pumpkins, and Rainbow Ballerina, Fireball Tennis, Spotted Fish and Striped Fish, Journey to Moose’s, and The Tooth Sleuth. The ninth book is actually published in English and Spanish. The English title is Together, We are FIERCE. The Spanish Title is Juntos, Somos INVENIBLES.I honestly think I have gotten better at the craft of writing with each book I've written. I hope you'll take a look at my Amazon Author Page and pick up one of my books. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. a wonderful life!


Spotted Fish and Striped Fish

What Does Brown Bear Want?

Preposterous Pumpkins

A Stone's Crow

Journey to Moose's

Rainbow Ballerina

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