Jorge Inzunza

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Jorge Inzunza is a psychologist, teacher, and holds a doctorate in education. He was born in Santiago, Chile. He has conducted research about the lives of students and children in schools, educational policies, and the history of Chilean education. He worked as member of the editor team of the Chilean Teachers Union. Since 2013, he has lived in the United States, and adopted American citizenship some years later. He became a dual language teacher in Wisconsin, obtaining the Bilingual Teacher of the Year Award of the Wisconsin Association for Bilingual Education in 2018. In 2020, he founded Hilo Colectivo with the goal of providing high quality literature in Spanish for children in the United States. He won the “New Voices in Nonfiction” Award of the SCBWI (2020). He loves chocolate, taking pictures, and traveling. He likes reading while walking and listening to music at the same time!


La mina maldita

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