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Kirbi Fagan is a Michigan-based illustrator who specializes in creating art for readers. She is recognized for her cover art in Adult, YA, and Middle-Grade fiction as well as her numerous covers for comic books on projects such as Black Panther/Shuri and Firefly. Kirbi’s first picture book “The Summer of the Tree Army” by Gloria Whelan was released in 2021. Her first author-illustrated picture book will debut in 2025. Kirbi is driven to create books for readers like her. When she was growing up, arts and crafts were her lifeline as a way to cope with ongoing illness. Art quickly turned into her greatest passion and now, a career. Kirbi is traditionally trained as an oil painter, earning her bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design.



The Deadly Omens

The Crooked Sixpence

Junior Ninja Champion - Competition Begins

Junior Ninja Champion: The Competition Begins

Fire and Ice: A Mermaid's Journey (Dark Waters)

Neptune's Trident: A Mermaid's Journey (Dark Waters)

The Sighting: A Mermaid's Journey (Dark Waters)

Lost: A Wild Tale of Survival (Survive!)

Cormorant Run

Tornado: A Twisting Tale of Survival (Survive!)

Volcano: A Fiery Tale of Survival (Survive!)

Blizzard: A Tale of Snow-blind Survival (Survive!)

Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand

A Fairy tale

To Catch A Queen

At Portal's End

Beyond the Portal

Portal Through The Pond

Deadly Delicious

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