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As a writer, Kittie brings playfulness and curiosity to her projects. She began her writing career as a playwright and composer and is the author of 50 musicals and over 300 songs. Her first book, What Color Is Your Dream?, was the winner of USA Book News Best Children’s Picture Book and was also a finalist in the same category for the Indie Award for Excellence in 2007. She has since published 3 picture books and a memoir series titled Coffee Break: Stories of the Regular Grind.Kittie has spent a large part of her creative life working with children including founding a renowned children’s theater in Dallas, Texas now in its 34th season. She is familiar with the endless creativity of children and loves making work inspired by and for them. Many of the works found on her website are specifically for kids, intended to motivate and develop imagination in their environment. Her work as an actor and voiceover specialist includes credits with MTV, ASCAP and PBS as well as current commercial work in Los Angeles and NYC. Kittie is a master craftswoman and has also worked as an artist and fabricator in collaboration with other artists, designers and stylists for celebrities such as Sia, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, and Adam Levine.Ms. Beletic is a member of the SCBWI as both author and illustrator and a longstanding member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.


What Color is Your Dream?

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