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Lellie Lopter is a fictional author and illustrator who probably lives in Australia. She has a tendency towards telling stories and is definitely not living a secret life as a boring academic. Lellie married her favourite weirdo after a blind date. They have two children, at least one of which is female. Lellie may or may not be addicted to peppermint tea. Lellie's books include Rhyme Time 1 and 2, and My Brother, Born Sleeping. She won the Australian Marshall Allen Hill writing competition, and was shortlisted for, a finalist in, and the winner of three separate Smories competitions in the UK. Lellie has completed a mentorship through the NSW writers centre and has successfully completed qualifications in Professional Children’s Writing , Teachers Aide, and Children's Services.



My Brother, Born Sleeping

Rhyme Time 2: The pictureless picture book

Rhyme Time 1: Poems and rhymes for really good times

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