Margaret Eberhardt

Art Director


Marci is an artist with a big heart for oceans, animals, and children.  She has created the children's book series "Bear Goes to the Bahamas" for which she is the author, illustrator, and photographer. The artist earned a scholarship to attend the Los Angeles Institute of the Arts~Walt Disney in year final year of high school. Art has been Marci's passion her entire life. Everywhere she looks, she sees art! Friends and family continue to encourage Marci to pursue her passion as an artist.  Married to a boating enthusiast, she travels the oceans far and wide on a cruising boat with their dog, Bear-their cat, Miss Kitty, and their parrot-Jacob. Experiencing family time together in the ocean waters brings with it many funny stories to tell and re-create in the form of art and creative writing. Inventing "Bear Goes to the Bahamas" was entirely inspired by our family's devotion to traveling the ocean waters and the funny things we have come to expect from our dog, Bear.



Bear Goes to the Bahamas

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