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I'm an award-winning, internationally published whimsical illustrator who has been creating fun artwork for books, magazines, and countless other publications for almost 40 years. When not working on art assignments, I'm a volunteer advocate for hereditary cancer awareness and prevention at FORCE (  I use my talent to help advocate for cancer patients, survivors, thrivers and previvors. I also create artwork and write about hereditary cancer at



Elizabeth, Who is Not a Saint

Lleonard the Llama that Lied

The Colors of Love and Loss

Coyote Claus: A Southwestern Desert Tale

What's it Like to be a Postal Worker

How Does the Octopus Eat?

American Grub

The Weather Detectives

Hello, Doctor

Galactic Magic Box

One Scary Night

I hate Goodbyes!

Children's Songbag

Hurry Up, Harry!

My Sister Jess

The Things I will Teach You

The Grand Adventure

Ellwood's Plans

The Picnic Day

What Do We Have to Get?

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