Mike Downs

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I love to write picture books! Especially informational-fiction in rhyme. How is THAT for a specialization.  I also write for the educational market, mostly photo-illustrated non-fiction, but also some poetry, fantasy, and even a memoir in verse. I'm always interested in hearing from fellow writers!


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The Flying Man. Otto Lilienthal, The World's First Pilot

STEM in the SuperBowl

The Invention of Space Exploration

Great Minds and Finds in North America

Great Minds and Finds in Europe

Great Minds and Finds in Asia

Great Minds and Finds in Africa

Invention of the Combustion Engine

What did we do Before Video games?

Invention of Flight

The Noisy Airplane Ride

Pig Giggles and Rabbit Rhymes

Investigating Space Mysteries

Imagining Space

Bringing Space Home

Mixed up Monsters and Confused Critters

Nerman's Revenge

The Backwards Poem Book

You See a Zoo, I See...

You See a Circus, I See...

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