Nadine Pinede

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From the age of three, reading has been my passion. Poetry, fiction, biographies, history: I devoured them all and even won a city-wide Read-a-thon for reading the most books in one week. After graduating from Harvard and Oxford, I earned my PhD in Philosophy of Education with a dissertation on literature and moral imagination. I'm the co-author of Sexism and Race (Essential Library) and author of An Invisible Geography, poems of place and displacement. My poetry was also published on YARN, the YA Review Network. My profile of Walter Dean Myers and guide to Here in Harlem was published in Literary Newsmakers. I've written teaching guides on Henry James and Machiavelli, and magazine profiles of YA authors. My writing appears in Haiti Noir, Spoon River Poetry Review, and The New York Times. A poem on my adopted country of Belgium was published on the blog On Being. I live with with my husband near Brussels, within sight of the Forêt de Soignes, a primeval beech forest and UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Women in Film

Sexism and Race (Being Female in America)

American Decades: Primary Sources, 1930-39

An Invisible Geography

Literary Newsmakers for Students, Vol. 2

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