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I was a fine arts student, though graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in literature and went on to pursue a career as an editorial cartoonist. However, drawing ‘grownups’ stopped being fun. Before being inspired by the opportunity to co-write and illustrate a children’s book with my wife, Brenda Faatz, I journeyed through life as an entertainment industry professional. From art director to record label executive producer to publisher of an international film magazine I found a good deal of success (awards and working with people who had entourages). But then came working with children and it became fun again. I still run Beyond Cinema Magazine and Notable Kids Publishing, which is distributed through Independent Publishers Group ( they do all the heavy lifting)...but my real passion is writing and illustrating. In addition to wearing the publishing hat for other authors and illustrating, I serve on the Board of IBPA and I am President of the CIPA Education & Literacy Foundation.



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