Rayne Lacko


Rayne Belamire Lacko wrote her debut novel RADIO HEAD (YA, 2016) under the pen name, Rebecca Laclair. She was honored to have her book selected as a gift for both the 2017 Grammy and Oscar Award nominees, and chosen by Reading Opens Minds as a book club selection. Lacko has a passion for inspiring creativity through music, art, and writing, and contributes on those topics to a variety of media outlets. She has short stories and band interviews in Gravel, Mixtape Methodology, Wordhaus, and Skyline. Lacko co-hosts a popular youth writing workshop, an annual filled-to-capacity writing camp, and a twice-annual spoken word event. She recently completed her second book, HOW I LEARNED TO PLAY GUITAR (YA), and is currently working on an interactive workbook for teens exploring emotions, and editing an outdoor adventure magazine with a circulation of 2.7 million.


RADIO HEAD, a novel

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