Rodrigo Foca


Rodrigo Foca is a self-taught artist. He spent part of his childhood running through the halls of Maurício de Sousa studios, accompanying his mother who worked there. Rodrigo met several amazing artists and fell in love with hand-drawn animation.At the age of eight he was selected by one of the most private schools in Brazil, Colegio Objetivo, to join POIT – Objetivo Project for Talent Incentive, an eight-year course specially created for gifted students and those with high skills, who stand out by academic competence, intellectual and artistic potential. He even appeared in an article from 1994 by Crescer Magazine, at the age of 12, wearing a ridiculous red vest Rodrigo Foca started his professional life as in São Paulo, Brazil, as a freelancer and web art director for Organox SA, a company owned at the time by the venture capital subsidiary of BankBoston. At Organox SA he was nationally recognized for his humor cartoons published on website Paulada (R.I.P).In 2001 he moved to Campinas, State of São Paulo, to set up a design studio for educational comic books called Sagui Corp. Rodrigo knew that the formula for the then-existing educational comic books was exceeded. Most of them looked like instruction manuals and were not attractive for readers, mostly children and youngsters.Thinking about it, Rodrigo decided to carry out an extensive research and found a way of explaining serious issues in an entertaining way: the reader should not realize that information is being imposed on him. Instead, the reader should learn subliminally while having fun.So he created the Eks Eks Connection comic books, which joined children of all social classes and ethnic groups around a little robot that put them into awesome and colorful adventures, similar to the currently in vogue Manga (Japanese comic books).The adventures, digitally colored just like the ones made by Marvel and DC Comics, were published in large print runs and pleased the audience.Rodrigo also uses cartoons to speak about youth-related issues, such as sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and first job. He created a new range of teen characters for a comic book about AIDS Prevention, which was published for an enormous audience under the title AIDS, the Invisible Enemy.In 2005, Rodrigo was invited by Canadian website to be an exclusive contributor and sell his copyright-free illustrations worldwide. This was responsible for a huge international distribution of his editorial and advertising illustrations, with over 16,000 sales international customers and fans leave daily comments about Rodrigo Foca’s work.From 2008 onwards, Rodrigo Foca has done work for the Canadian post-production company iMarion and the QFX Animation and Effects, in São Paulo. He debuted in audiovisual productions as VFX Head of Design in the documentary The Beasts of the Bible, a project for the Discovery Channel / Animal Planet, by AP – Associated Producers, from Toronto, Canada.Rodrigo Foca has worked since 2013 on his own animation projects, with the characters Morcegoide, Geek Talk, and of course, Eks Eks Connection.Get Rodrigo Foca’s full professional profile on LinkedIn.View the profile of Rodrigo Eustachio on IMDB.

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